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Agency Partners and Customers

Below is information about entities with which the agency partners to accomplish its goals and objectives as well as information about key customer segments to which the agency provides services or products. This information was provided by the agency in its Annual Restructuring Report, Program Evaluation, Request for Information, or Accountability Report. Clicking on one of the options below will take you directly to that part of the page.

  • Agency Partners
  • Agency Customers

  • Agency Partners

    Below are links, by year, to Excel documents that include information about the different entities with which the agency partners to accomplish its goals and objectives. Also included below is the list of partners for the current year.

  • Agency Partners - 2014-15, 2015-16 - DSS (Excel document)

  • Current Agency Partners

  • Casey Family Programs

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    Agency Customers

    The Committee asked the agency to provide information about the customer segments it serves. A customer is defined as an actual or potential user of the agency's deliverables (e.g. services or products).

  • Agency Customer Segments - 2014-15 - DSS (Excel document)
  • Compare to Customer Segments of other Agencies (Excel document)

  • Current Agency Customers

  • SNAP Applicants/Recipients
  • TANF Applicants/Recipients
  • Families receiving TANF, transitioning off of TANF, children with special needs, low-income working families, foster children of working foster parents, children receiving child protective services.
  • Children in child care facilities, emergency shelters, and their parents.
  • Child care providers, after school programs, and Pre-K programs.
  • Early childhood educators, child care technical assistance providers and trainers.
  • Custodial Parents
  • Non-Custodial Parents
  • Children
  • SC Sheriffs
  • Out of State Child Support Agencies
  • Fatherhood Groups
  • DSS SNAP Employment & Training
  • Children at risk for abuse/neglect and their families.
  • Children in Foster Care and birth families
  • Resource Families (Foster Parents)
  • Children/youth and their adoptive families
  • 18 years old and older youth.
  • 18 year and older persons with mental/physical health disabilities.
  • Frail elderly individuals living alone
  • Undocumented Immigrants
  • Minor victims of human trafficking
  • Domestic Violence Emergency Shelters

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