South Carolina Legislature

Senate Medical Affairs Committee

H. 3101 Files

Submitted documents
IMLC map
Letter to Chairman Davis 9.23.19
Letter Re Medical Compact from the SCMA
Interstate Compact Points (SCMA)
FSMB - South Carolina H 3101
South Carolina Board of Medical Examiners (BME) initial application for a permanent license
SC BME license renewal application
Charts comparing the personal history questions and required supporting documentation from the BME initial license application and Compact qualification application for expedited license
Chart comparing the personal history questions from the BME renewal application and the Compact renewal application
Rulemaking Information-IMLC
Public Comment - Commissioner McDonald (ND)
Commissioner Spangler (WV) - Chapter 8
Commissioner Spangler (WV) - Chapter 9
Commissioner Landau (AZ) - Chapter 8 and 9
Commissioner Marquand (MT) - Chapter 8 and 9
Commissioner Marx (UT) - Part I - Chapter 8 and 9
Commissioner Marx (UT) - Part II - Chapter 8 and 9
Commissioner Smith (MD) - Chapter 8 and 9
Commissioner Terranova (ME) - Chapter 8 and 9
List of Compact States
IMLC-Core Data Sheet
imlc SCMA

H. 3020 /S. 32 Files

Subcommittee Amendment H. 3020
Survey of State Abortion Bills
SC Citizens for Life
American Ctr. for Law and Justice
Shuping Shaler 2017 Abortion and Mental Health
Shuping Long-lasting Distress after Abortion
Shuping World Congress of Families March 29 2019
Pregnancy associated death meta analysis
The Medical Assumption Roe Clark Forsythe
Testimony of Sarah Burns
ACOG Committee Opinion
Harm Reduction for Abortion in the US
H. 3020 statement
Catholic Baptist
NARAL Testimony Opposition H 3020
Marta Bliese testimony H.3020
Dr. Jessica Tarleton testimony opposing H3020
H.3020 testimony Abortion Ban Janelle Rivers
SBarber Testimony H. 3020
Vanessa Louis- Jean Abortion Testfying
Written Testimony Against H. 3020 LLayne
Dr. Susan Demchak testimony
SC Senate Medical Affairs Committee SC - H3020 Patsy Malanuk
Statement in Opposition to H3020 Rev Rutledge
Warner Testimony Updated_09-08-19
List_of_complications - H.3020


S. 366 Files

Submitted documents

Information older than two years has been moved to the Senate Medical Affairs Committee Archives page.

Senate Medical Affairs Oversight Subcommittee Reports

Summary Report on the South Carolina Department of Mental Health - March 23, 2016
Summary & Report on the SC Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services - March 2, 2017
Summary & Report on the SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs - November 14, 2017

Other Special Committees and Subcommittees

South Carolina Technical Assistance CDC Report - August 20, 2013

Affordable Care Act Subcommittee - January 25, 2013

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