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H 3385 (Rat #0568) General Bill, By J.L.M. Cromer
    A Bill to amend Section 7-11-15, as amended, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, relating to elections, methods of nomination, and qualifications to run as a candidate in general elections, so as to delete the provisions relating to candidates seeking nomination by petition; and to amend Section 7-13-190, as amended, relating to special elections to fill vacancies in office, so as to provide for a separate filing period for candidates seeking nomination by petition in partisan elections, and change a Code reference; to provide that the General Assembly finds that Congress has enacted the "National Voter Registration Act of 1993" (P.L. No. 103-31 of 1993) and that the purpose of this Act is to comply with the provisions of that congressional law; to amend the 1976 Code by adding Article 4 to Chapter 5, Title 7, so as to enact provisions for multiple site voter registration and responsibilities of the South Carolina State Election Commission in implementing the National Voter Registration Act of 1993; to amend Section 7-3-20, relating to the executive director of the State Election Commission, so as to, among other things, require the executive director to maintain a complete master file, rather than roster, of all qualified electors, require him to delete the name of any elector who requests in writing that his name be removed, and delete certain provisions of law; to amend Section 7-3-30, relating to notice of deletion of elector's name from roster of electors, appeal by elector, and restoration of name, so as to, among other things, provide for a master file, rather that a roster, delete certain provisions, and provide that if the deletion is for conviction, the appeal must be to the executive director of the State Election Commission; to amend Section 7-5-155, relating to registration of electors by mail, so as to, among other things, delete certain provisions, provide that if the postmark date is missing or illegible, the county board of voter registration shall accept the application if it is received by mail no later than five days after the close of the registration books before any election, and require county boards of voter registration to distribute application forms to city halls and public libraries;to amend Section 7-5-440, relating to the requirement that an elector's name must appear on the list of voters in order to be eligible to vote, so as to establish a procedure by which a qualified elector who has moved from one address to another and has failed to notify the county board of registration of a change of address to vote; to amend Section 7-7-720, relating to certificates which must be mailed to persons whose registration is transferred, so as to change the procedure by which an elector's name may be deleted from the master file; to amend Section 7-7-910, relating to the place registered electors are required to vote, so as to provide that the Section is also subject to the provisions of Section 7-5-440 and delete the provisions which require an elector to vote at the voting place nearest to his residence within the ward or other subdivision of his residence and to provide that he must vote at his designated polling place; to amend Section 7-13-810, as amended, relating to the powers of the managers of elections, so as to add a provision which would authorize any candidate to protest an election in which he is a candidate pursuant to the provisions of Section 7-17-30, when the protest is based in whole or in part on evidence discovered after the election, and provide what this evidence may include; to amend Section 7-13-860, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, relating to the appointment, qualifications, identification, and conduct of poll watchers, so as to specify the maximum size and size of lettering on identification badges and to prohibit badges in fluorescent colors and to amend Section 7-25-180, as amended, relating to the distribution of campaign literature on election day within two hundred feet of a building where a polling place is located, so as to provide that the candidate may wear a label identifying himself as a candidate and the office he is seeking and provide conditions on the wearing of the label; and to amend the 1976 Code by adding Section 7-13-335, so as to provide that candidates names in certain elections be arranged in alphabetical order; to amend Section 7-13-610, as amended, relating to ballot specifications, in party primaries, so as to provide that the ballot must contain the names of persons in alphabetical order.-amended title
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02/03/93House Introduced and read first time HJ-18
02/03/93House Referred to Committee on Judiciary HJ-18
04/01/93House Committee report: Favorable Judiciary HJ-4
04/06/93House Read second time HJ-21
04/07/93House Read third time and sent to Senate HJ-20
04/07/93Senate Introduced and read first time SJ-12
04/07/93Senate Referred to Committee on Judiciary SJ-12
05/18/94Senate Committee report: Favorable Judiciary SJ-33
05/25/94Senate Read second time SJ-22
05/25/94Senate Ordered to third reading with notice of amendments SJ-22
05/26/94Senate Amended SJ-41
05/26/94Senate Read third time and returned to House with amendments SJ-55
06/02/94House Senate amendment amended HJ-39
06/02/94House Returned to the Senate HJ-39
06/02/94Senate Concurred in House amendment and enrolled SJ-78
06/02/94 Ratified R 568
01/10/95 Vetoed by Governor
01/17/95House Veto sustained Yeas-44 Nays-67

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