South Carolina Legislature

2023 South Carolina Legislative Manual
104th Edition

2023 Legislative Manual front cover 2023 Legislative Manual back cover
125th General Assembly
of South Carolina

First Session
Commencing January 10, 2023

  • Biographies of Members
  • Rules & Committees
  • Special Legislative Data
  • State, County & Federal
    Government Departments
Edited by
Charles F. Reid, Clerk
House of Representatives
Assistant Editors
Rosalind Jamison Harriot, Index and General Clerk
Linda T. Hornsby, Creative Design/Typography

(Printed copies available - $12.00)

Table of Contents

Boards, Commissions, and Committees, S.C. 

Clerks and Attaches: 
        Both Houses 

Committees, Standing 

Congressional Members, S.C. 
        Congressional District Map 

Constitutional and Statutory Provisions 

Counties in S.C., Formation of 

Cover Information 
        Front Cover 
        Back Cover 


Editorial Information 

Executive Department 

The Governor 

Governors of South Carolina 

The House of Representatives: 
        Majority and Minority Officers 
        Officers of the House 
        Speakers of the House 
        Speakers Pro Tempore of the House 
        Members of the House (A-C) 
        Members of the House (C-H) 
        Members of the House (H-L) 
        Members of the House (L-R) 
        Members of the House (S-Y) 
        District Map 
        Seating Chart 

Judicial Department: 
        Circuit Court 
        Court of Appeals 
        Family Court
        Supreme Court 
        Judicial Circuit Map 

Legal Holidays in South Carolina 

Legislative Audit Council 

Legislative Council 

Legislative Services Agency 

The Lieutenant Governor 

Lieutenant Governors of South Carolina 

Newspaper, TV and Radio Representatives 

Party Organizations 

Record of Bills, Acts and Length of Session 


The Senate: 
        Officers of the Senate 
        Members of the Senate (A-G) 
        Members of the Senate (G-M) 
        Members of the Senate (M-Y) 
        District Map 
        Seating Chart 
        Districts and Population 

Symbols and Emblems 
        Pages A1 - A13 
        Pages A14 - A27 
        Pages A28 - A40 

U.S. Departments in S.C. 

Legislative Services Agency
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