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Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4111
Summary: Jennie Kitty sympathy
... call, she got word out, and thirty armed Blacks stood watch over the clinic where Dr. Gatch was sleeping. His wife and children were protected by spending the night in Jennie Kitty's home; and Whereas, after serving twenty-seven years ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4127
Summary: Paul David “Tar” Outlaw, 90th birthday
... a man who loves to tinker with anything mechanical, Tar has restored many old cars and tractors. Moreover, he always can be found gardening, spending time with family and friends, and working on the property at "Leo" in the Fairview ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4131
Summary: Honor Thomas Brown
... Night barbeques; and Whereas, a member of Kingstree First Baptist Church, Mr. Brown loved farming, riding horses and motorcycles, and spending time with his beloved family and friends. His generosity will be greatly missed in the ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4167
Summary: Kathy Padgett, State House gift shop manager
... beloved husband, John Padgett, she reared two fine daughters, Anna Kathryn Padgett and Eva Blythe Padgett. In her retirement she looks forward to spending time at the South Carolina coast, gardening, and enjoying her beloved dogs, Murray and ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4209
Summary: Black Maternal Health Week
... to enhance community organizing on Black maternal health via community conversations, events, and outreach; and Whereas, the United States spends more on health care than any other nation, yet it ranks among the worst in disparities in ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4302
Summary: Rev. Bruce Crawford retirement
... at First Baptist Church of Myrtle Beach; and Whereas, while his heart and vocation have been focused on bringing souls to Christ, he plans to spend many happy hours of retirement in his avocation of bringing venison to the freezer; ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4308
Summary: Benny DeBruhl, retirement
... has won numerous shooting competitions; and Whereas, now that his LE career of more than forty-three years is complete, Benny is able to spend more time with his family, especially his grandchildren. In his free time, Benny enjoys ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4326
Summary: Judge Gordon G. Cooper, retirement
... have blessed him with the affection of five loving grandchildren: Julia, Caroline, Olivia, Savanna, and Cooper; and Whereas, he plans to spend many happy hours of retirement volunteering at the Plant a Row for the hungry (PAR) garden ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4329
Summary: MacFarlane Cates, Jr., sympathy
... Kiwanis Club as Citizens of the Year for their multifaceted involvement in the community; and Whereas, an avid sportsman, Mac Cates loved to spend time afield and in the stream. He was a founding member of the Kawana Fishing Club, a ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4337
Summary: Maggie Magwood 100th Birthday
... with twenty-seven grandchildren, sixty-four great- grandchildren, and fourteen great-great-grandchildren; and Whereas, her family loves to spend time together, eating her legendary cornbread, and her many fantastic meals that taste ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4344
Summary: Geneva Powe sympathy
... Cheraw, where she was a member of the Pastor's Aide Ministry and Missionary Circle #3 until her health failed; and Whereas, Mrs. Powe loved spending time with family and helping to care for her grandchildren. Left to cherish her loving ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4350
Summary: Paul Younginer retirement
... members at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, serving the congregation in the Worship and Arts Ministry; and Whereas, Mr. Younginer plans to spend many happy hours of retirement in the outdoors he loves and pursuing any activity that ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4360
Summary: Cleveland Brown - Retirement
... is now planning a well-deserved retirement, and he will be sorely missed. The House trusts he will enjoy the additional time he will be able to spend with family, especially his wife, Sadie, and the members only hope he can keep up with ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4372
Summary: Paul Kirby retirement
... on May 7, 2021, he retired from Good Morning Lexington County to refocus on The Lexington Ledger's online news, and he plans to spend his retirement enjoying a newly formed micro-farm with his wife and youngest daughter on their ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4381
Summary: Helen Drake retirement
... Thomas Drake; and Whereas, a faithful member of St. Joseph Catholic Church and devoted wife and mother to her family, Mrs. Drake plans to spend many happy hours of retirement enjoying her family; and Whereas, grateful for her many ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4412
Summary: Ethel Mae Savannah Underwood Atkinson 90th Birthday
... passed on Thanksgiving Day of 1993; and Whereas, fortunate to have been blessed with a long and active life, Ethel has been privileged to spend time loving her four grandchildren, Christopher Richard, Dustin Joseph, Jonelle Rickki, and ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4418
Summary: Capt. Dave McRoberts, retirement from Richland Cty Sheriff's Dept.
... after his retirement from the Richland County Sheriff's Department, he will serve in a new position at Michelin, but he also plans on spending more time with his family and grandchildren, who are the most important people in his life; ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4422
Summary: Brittany Langley Lawson Sympathy
... and lows of life together with the people that she cared about; and Whereas, devoted to her family, Brittany treasured the time she could spend with her parents and her brother, never straying far from them, even as they grew into their ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4423
Summary: Lois Rhodes
... every day, the Abbeville County Library System is a more successful organization because of her many contributions. Whether that means she needs to spend time one-on-one with a patron, or step in to act as interim director in a time of need, ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4430
Summary: House Concurrent-Coach Lynn Hicks 700 wins
... began, first at McDuffie High School; and Whereas, when the possibility opened up to coach girls' basketball at Wren, she knew that she would spend the rest of her career there if she were given the opportunity. In 1983, Coach Hicks was ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4434
Summary: Wills Swygert sympathy
... was a member of the Ponderosa Country Club and was an avid golfer; and Whereas, a keen lover of the outdoors, he enjoyed duck hunting and spending time on the lake and at the farm; and Whereas, the members of the South Carolina ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4439
Summary: Eugene H. Luntey
... married in 2001. Expanding his family to include four more children, ten grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren, Gene has now been able to spend time as a loving grandfather and great-grandfather; and Whereas, birthdays provide a ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4451
Summary: Lee Catoe, sympathy
... by the Greater University of South Carolina Alumni Association; and Whereas, away from the office, he was an avid outdoorsman and enjoyed spending time with his family, especially his grandchildren, who called him "Papi"; ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4474
Summary: Vivian Jeanne Hanna
... affection of four loving grandchildren: Malik "Prime" Bass, Samantha Bass, Joshua Pratt, and Caleb Pratt; and Whereas, she plans to spend many happy hours of retirement enjoying her family, especially her grandchildren; ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4482
Summary: Joe Sharpe, sympathy
... the Blythewood Rotary Club; and Whereas, this outdoor enthusiast always enjoyed the game of golf with his special golfing group and relished spending time in his yard and garden and planting dove fields. He also spent quality time with ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4572
Summary: Judge Dolphus Carter Jr. Way
... Judge Carter is a proud and avid gardener who brags that "if it grows in the ground, I can grow it." In retirement he enjoys spending time with his many friends and his horse named, "Grandma"; and Whereas, Judge ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H 4582
Summary: Life skills instruction in high school
... services;         (2)    balancing a check book;         (3)    spending, credit, credit scoring, and managing debt, including retail and credit card debt;   ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4650
Summary: Mildred Morgan Springs Sympathy
... to experience all the joys that the many years might bring her. She was known for her excellent cooking, her love of gardening, and for her love of spending time talking with friends and family. Mildred spent several years serving as the ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4651
Summary: James "Jimmy" Olanda Ruff Sympathy
... nature, as well as his "can do" attitude. He was an avid reader, a lover of all things to do with the water, and took great pleasure in spending time with his family. As a man of faith, he was baptized at an early age at Sidney Park ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4677
Summary: Vickie Stoudemire, retirement
... years of marriage, the Lord has blessed them with three charming grandchildren, Gabby, Lillie, and Miller Kate, and Vickie is looking forward to spending more time with them in her retirement; and Whereas, as a woman of faith, Vickie ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4704
Summary: Alvin Gregory "Greg" House, sympathy
... boiled peanuts. Further, he was the world's biggest Tampa Bay Bucs fan; and Whereas, besides meeting new people and traveling, Greg loved spending time with his family, including his siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins of all ages. He ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4723
Summary: Chapin Police Chief Seth Zeigler, retirement
... colleagues and friends gathered to honor him at a celebratory event, held Friday, November 19, 2021; and Whereas, looking forward to spending more time with his family, he will transition into a part-time job in the private sector; ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H 4867
Summary: Narcotic Treatment Programs
... for patients of an NTP with whom the consultant pharmacist has a written collaborative practice agreement. The consultant pharmacist shall spend no less than twenty hours per month, which must be documented by the NTP, ensuring compliance with ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4884
Summary: Glenn Holliday Anderson Co. Fire Dept. commission
... Glenn Holliday has provided for the safety and well-being of his community, and the members trust that he will have many more pleasurable hours to spend working in his garden. Now, therefore, Be it resolved by the House of ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4901
Summary: Derrick Smith Retirement
... takes great pleasure in wishing him all the best as he enters retirement and trusts that he will find much enjoyment as he is able to spend more time with his family and friends. Now, therefore, Be it resolved by the House of ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4916
Summary: Sergeant Jeffrey Samuel "Jeff" Graham
... the Church of God in Ninety Six; and Whereas, when not protecting the citizens of our great State, Sergeant Graham enjoys fishing, traveling, spending time with family, and being with his children: Garrett Graham, Ashlen Sinnott, and ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4933
Summary: Rev. John L. Melton III sympathy
... Chief Melton's passion for SCUBA diving also led him to become a diving instructor, introducing many to the world under the water. He enjoyed spending time outdoors hunting, fishing, camping with his wife and family, and gardening; ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4951
Summary: Dale Kenneth Salmond Sympathy
... humor, it seemed as though Dale was able to capture the heart of almost every person he met. While he most often cherished the time he was able to spend with his family, he also took the time to try and positively impact the lives of young ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*4962
Summary: Just Bee and Layla Luna
... is frequently hard to manage in a public space, often triggered by sensory overload. Many families living with ASD, therefore, are hesitant to spend time in public for fear of how they might be perceived, treated, or shown disrespect; and ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*5005
Summary: Dorothy McCants, 80th birthday
... by to give her some fish they have caught or game they have hunted. She calls them all her friends. Easter is particularly special for Dorothy, who spends the weekend dying eggs and filling Easter baskets with candy for all. Even adults look ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H 5027
Summary: Reverend Dr. Dale Weldon
... Dominic, and Giovanna Welden; Wyatt, Abel, and Jasper Park; Ezra, Palmer, and Colby Welden; and Nora Bartelt; and Whereas, he plans to spend many happy hours of retirement in woodworking and other hobbies yet to be discovered and in ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*5034
Summary: Dr. Ellen Burkhardt Babb
... Church in West Columbia, an independent, nondenominational church that assists missionaries around the world; and Whereas, she plans to spend many happy hours of retirement enjoying her favorite hobbies: riding bikes around the ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H 5093
Summary: Charter Schools
...       (2)    a financial statement that discloses the costs of administration, instruction, and other spending categories for the charter school that is understandable to the general public and that allows comparison ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*5184
Summary: Lura Jayne Parker 100th birthday
... a devout Christian, Lura has been a faithful, loyal member of many churches in South Carolina; and Whereas, in her free time, Lura enjoys spending time with family, exercising her creativity through art and calligraphy, and watching ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*5185
Summary: Welcome intl. director of Lions Clubs Intl. to SC
... of Valor. She also serves as editor for the Payne County Historical Society Review. The two have a blended family of seven children and love spending time with their eleven grandchildren; and Whereas, cognizant of the Lions' fine ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H 5186
Summary: Amplify Action
... means a program administered by a partnership and funded with state grant money, which accounts for at least ten percent of total programmatic spending in First Steps.     (G8)        ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*5199
Summary: Coach Sherer Hopkins retirement
... and Whereas, Coach Hopkins served the program for most of the next twenty-four years. She took a year off during the 2007-2008 season to spend more time with her family. In 2013, she took a year off to recover after surgery for a ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*5208
Summary: Rev. Marcello R. Wheeler, Sr.
... a pastor, Reverend Wheeler serves as vice moderator of the Fairfield County Baptist Association. In his leisure time, he loves to fish, read, and spend time with his family; and Whereas, Pastor Wheeler finds strength for his labors in ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*5219
Summary: General Stacy Clardy
... Marine Corps; and Whereas, General Clardy and his beloved wife, Alison, herself a retired Marine, have three daughters and look forward to spending many happy hours of retirement in the Palmetto State, the home of his youth; ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*5222
Summary: Joe King retirement
... deserved retirement that surely will include enjoying golfing, Clemson football games, Murrells Inlet sunsets, entertaining family and friends, and spending time with his wife, Suzanne, and his children and grandchildren; and Whereas, ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*5237
Summary: Rev. Lewis Gunter 46th anniversary and retirement
... the word, be instant in season, out of season: reprove, rebuke, exhort, with all long suffering and doctrine." Whereas, he plans to spend many happy hours of retirement enjoying his favorite hobbies of reading, hunting, fishing, ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*5266
Summary: Harold T. Brown Sympathy
... the many years, his experience as a father, a grandfather, and a great-grandfather brought him immense joy and he loved the time he was able to spend with those he loved; and Whereas, Harold T. Brown leaves to cherish his memory his ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*5269
Summary: Mother Rosetta Bee Jones Sympathy
... the years passed, she was given the greatest gift of three grandchildren, Garner III, Naomi Rose, and Gage Leon, with whom she treasured getting to spend time with, watch grow, and flourish; and Whereas, blessed with vibrancy and ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H 5272
Summary: Implore the African American Studies Program
... remaining enthusiastic about the ideology but not within a single organization; and Whereas, Davis also was a member of the Black Panthers, spending most of her time working with the Che-Lumumba Club, a branch of the Communist Party; ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*5307
Summary: Joey Avery Laurens County atty
... awards and accolades for his exemplary service, including recognition among Ten at the Top of Unsung Heroes; and Whereas, he plans to spend many happy hours of retirement with his beloved wife, Desiree, and their family; ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*5345
Summary: Darlene Ann Jenkins
... fulfilled her work assignment and her call to ministry; and Whereas, now at the age of fifty-eight, Mrs. Jenkins has retired and plans to spend many happy hours of retirement in full-time ministry at her church, Kingdom Vision Christian ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*5361
Summary: Pearl Moody, sympathy
... soprano, amateur organist, seamstress, and skilled writer and editor. She greatly enjoyed watching football and basketball, traveling, and spending time with her loved ones; and Whereas, preceded in death by her husband and son, she ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*5396
Summary: Mary Lucille Kennedy McDaniel, 88th birthday
... is awarded to students in Fairfield County who are the first person in their immediate family to attend college; and Whereas, Mrs. McDaniel spends her days watching her flowers grow, talking on the phone with her friends and visiting ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*5414
Summary: Gary Nelson, retirement
... in his lovely wife, Karen, and their two children. He is not yet sure what his future will hold; however, he and Karen are looking forward to spending more time with their family, including their son and daughter and the grandtwins due to be ...
Session 124 - (2021-2022) - H*5462
Summary: Estelle Elizabeth Lawson sympathy
... she moved to New Rochelle, New York, after graduation and enhanced her career opportunities when she graduated from secretarial school. After spending most of her career in the wholesale jewelry business in New York City, she retired from ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - S*39
Summary: Educational Scholarship Trust Fund
... participating in the Education Scholarship Trust Fund program. (12) "Substantial misuse" means wilfully and knowingly receiving or spending any portion of a scholarship for any purpose other than a qualifying ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - S 64
Summary: Teacher Retention Pay
...  Beginning with teacher renewal contracts signed for the 2023-2024 school year, a school district may spend state, federal, or other sources of revenue to provide annual lump sum bonuses as an incentive to retain teachers who, in the ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - S 128
Summary: Early literacy and numeracy screening
... of highest need in the district unless the district requests and receives a waiver from the department to expend the funds on interventionists who spend more than fifty percent of their time providing direct support to struggling readers in ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - S 306
Summary: Student Athlete Stipends
... class="sc_new_code_section">   (B) All stipends awarded shall be determined by the total number of hours the student athlete spends associated with the intercollegiate sport multiplied by the hourly rate established by the ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - S*371
Summary: Kaiyah Horton-Seawright, sympathy
... squad and participated in competitions. She had a flair for all things fashion and prided herself on being able to "change it up" at will. Spending time with good friends and making new friends were two of her favorite pastimes; ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - S*510
Summary: Hal Peck 100th Birthday
... away in 2010; and


Session 125 - (2023-2024) - S*511
Summary: Barbara Campbell McLawhorn Death
... Award in Education from the Midlands Coalition of Churches; and

Whereas, in her free time, she enjoyed spending time with her family, gardening and teaching Sunday School with her husband ...

Session 125 - (2023-2024) - S 517
Summary: APRN Scope of Practice
... must provide evidence of a practice agreement, as provided in this section. A licensed NP, CNM, or CNS must spend a portion of his time practicing in an underserved or rural area or serving an underserved ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - S*534
Summary: Atlee Brown
... class="sc_resolution_whereas">Whereas, in his free time, he enjoyed reading, writing his novel, woodworking, painting, gardening, playing golf, and spending time with family and friends; and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - S*549
Summary: Auto Dealers
... or remote online training. The online classroom training must utilize a student username and password, measure the amount of time that the student spends in the course, provide technical support to students that is available twenty-four hours ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - S 553
Summary: Scope of Practice
... must provide evidence of a practice agreement, as provided in this section. A licensed NP, CNM, or CNS must spend a portion of his time practicing in an underserved or rural area or serving an underserved ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - S 557
Summary: Apprentice tax credit
... and the work cannot be standardized over a specific period of time. The work must require consistent exercise of discretion and the employee must spend at least eighty percent of the time performing headquarters related functions and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - S 645
Summary: Comptroller General Removal
... In fulfilling his statutory duty set forth in subsection (1), the Comptroller General must prepare a detailed report of the State's spending in the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR). Investors and rating agencies use the ACFR to ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - S*654
Summary: Barnwell County School Districts, consolidation
... the boards shall organize, begin planning for the changeover to the consolidated district, enter into contracts to effectuate these purposes, begin spending SRS settlement funds designated to the Barnwell County School District, and perform ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - S*682
Summary: Lisa Hawthorne
... name="wa_9f2ea7052">Whereas, her motto in life whether at work or at play has always been, "Go for It!", and she plans to spend many happy hours doing the things she loves: sewing, crafting, scrapbooking, and especially taking care of ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - S*754
Summary: Catherine Dority 25 years in SC tourism
... are active members of Grace Church Cathedral, where Ms. Dority serves on the vestry and on the Hospitality Committee. As a family, they enjoy spending time outdoors in the Lowcountry, going to Clemson football games, and cheering on the ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - S*765
Summary: Judge Charlie Jones, retirement
... lang="EN-US">Whereas, Charles W. Jones is leaving Spartanburg County for a new adventure that will feature spending lots of time with his wife, Betsy, and their daughters, Charlotte and Erika, along with other ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - S*766
Summary: Rev. James Jamison retirement
... class="scresolutionwhereas">
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - S*776
Summary: Greenwood Fire Department Battalion Chief Todd Wall-retirement
... name="wa_b24b568a5">Whereas, together with his beloved wife, Tara, he reared two fine sons, Cade and Logan, and he plans to spend many happy hours of retirement with them and continue working outside the fire service; and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - S*791
Summary: Allison Lee retirement
... Church; and


Session 125 - (2023-2024) - S*798
Summary: Cindy Fore retirement
... and


Session 125 - (2023-2024) - S*805
Summary: Heather Levine
... class="scresolutionwhereas"> 

Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*3001
Summary: House Rules
...  (3)   adoption of an amendment to the Annual General Appropriations Bill where the amendment directly effects the raising or spending of revenue in the amount of ten thousand dollars or more;


Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H 3206
Summary: Medicaid Expansion
... class="sc_bill_whereas_clause">Whereas, the rise of income levels that would occur under Medicaid expansion would translate into additional spending both from individuals and households, creating substantial increases in tax revenue statewide. ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H 3315
Summary: College Financial Aid and Education Act
... services;

      (2) balancing a check book;

      (3) spending, credit, credit scoring, and managing debt, including retail and credit card ...

Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H 3338
Summary: Ethical Policing Transparency & Accountability
... appropriated funds for use by the board, members may be offered a stipend.

   (C) The board shall not spend more than fifty percent of its funds on stipends. ...

Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H 3339
Summary: Ethical Policing Transparency & Accountability
... appropriated funds for use by the board, members may be offered a stipend.

   (C) The board shall not spend more than fifty percent of its funds on stipends. ...

Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*3620
Summary: Kaiyah Horton-Seawright, sympathy
... squad and participated in competitions. She had a flair for all things fashion and prided herself on being able to "change it up" at will. Spending time with good friends and making new friends were two of her favorite pastimes; ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*3621
Summary: Cardiovascular Disease
... and 181,800 adults have reported experiencing a stroke in their lifetime; and

Whereas, South Carolina spends an estimated $2.5 billion dollars on direct medical expenses for ASCVD care each year. ...

Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*3634
Summary: Wilbur Robinson
... thirty years as a Mason with the Lodge Bethlehem 11, located in Baltimore; and

Whereas, Wilbur loves spending time with his grandchildren, great grandchildren, and his many friends, and he likes ...

Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*3639
Summary: Judge Lee Casey Manning, retirement
... at leisure, Judge Manning enjoys serving as a broadcaster for the USC basketball team, fishing, playing basketball, and spending time with his children and grandchildren; and

Whereas, to recognize ...

Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*3659
Summary: Judge Larry Inabinet sympathy
... he served as chairman of the finance committee. Leisure time was spent fishing and fellowshipping with his family and friends. He also truly loved spending time with his three grandsons; and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*3699
Summary: Whit Smith retirement
... daughters who have blessed him with the affection of six loving grandchildren. Having lived in the same zip code all of his life, he plans to spend many hours in his retirement as of December 31, 2022, traveling, visiting his grandchildren, ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*3726
Summary: Statewide Education and Workforce Development Act
... Workforce Development, and such reports will be made publicly available in order to further transparency and better inform workforce development spending and policymaking. Section ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*3917
Summary: Marvin Stewart sympathy
... Elliott Jones, Mary Elise Jones, Katie Green, and Andrew Stewart; and

Whereas, he loved fishing and spending time with his grandchildren; camping at Shining Rock wilderness area with his son and ...

Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H 4004
Summary: National Infrastructure Bank
... It would be funded through a repurposing of existing Treasury debt, as was done previously in the United States, and would require no new federal spending; and

Whereas, it was estimated the new bank would ...

Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4023
Summary: First Steps
... have in place articulation agreements, professional development and career advancement plans, and practice or internships for students to spend time in a Head Start or prekindergarten program; (8)    prepare an overall ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4072
Summary: Hal Peck, 100th birthday
... name="wa_fc03d12bd">Whereas, Hal Peck still lives in the home he purchased with his wife, who passed away in 2010. He spends much of his time at the Houndslake Country Club, where he is much beloved by a circle of friends and neighbors. ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4080
Summary: Dr. Marcella Shaw
... husband, Warren, and their two daughters, MaKayla and Madison. Dr. Shaw is grateful for her families' love and encouragement as she is required to spend much time away from them while she works on the district's behalf; and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H 4086
Summary: Residential builders
... class="sccodifiedsection">   

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