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Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*3699
Summary: Whit Smith retirement
... daughters who have blessed him with the affection of six loving grandchildren. Having lived in the same zip code all of his life, he plans to spend many hours in his retirement as of December 31, 2022, traveling, visiting his grandchildren, ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*3726
Summary: Statewide Education and Workforce Development Act
... Workforce Development, and such reports will be made publicly available in order to further transparency and better inform workforce development spending and policymaking. Section ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*3917
Summary: Marvin Stewart sympathy
... Elliott Jones, Mary Elise Jones, Katie Green, and Andrew Stewart; and

Whereas, he loved fishing and spending time with his grandchildren; camping at Shining Rock wilderness area with his son and ...

Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H 4004
Summary: National Infrastructure Bank
... It would be funded through a repurposing of existing Treasury debt, as was done previously in the United States, and would require no new federal spending; and

Whereas, it was estimated the new bank would ...

Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4023
Summary: First Steps
... have in place articulation agreements, professional development and career advancement plans, and practice or internships for students to spend time in a Head Start or prekindergarten program; (8)    prepare an overall ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4072
Summary: Hal Peck, 100th birthday
... name="wa_fc03d12bd">Whereas, Hal Peck still lives in the home he purchased with his wife, who passed away in 2010. He spends much of his time at the Houndslake Country Club, where he is much beloved by a circle of friends and neighbors. ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4080
Summary: Dr. Marcella Shaw
... husband, Warren, and their two daughters, MaKayla and Madison. Dr. Shaw is grateful for her families' love and encouragement as she is required to spend much time away from them while she works on the district's behalf; and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H 4086
Summary: Residential builders
... class="sccodifiedsection">    (5) "Resident licensee" means a licensed practitioner who spends a majority of each normal workday working out of a principal or branch office and who ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H 4087
Summary: Income tax credits
... work cannot be standardized over a specific period of time.  The work must require consistent exercise of discretion and the employee must spend at least eighty percent of the time performing headquarters related functions and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4176
Summary: Honor Congressman Ro Khanna.
... should invest in priorities at home, such as Medicare for all, affordable childcare, and free public college and vocational school, rather than spending trillions on wars overseas; and


Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H 4185
Summary: Driver training
... or remote online training. The online classroom training must utilize a student username and password, measure the amount of time the student spends in the course, provide technical support to students that is available twenty-four hours ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4198
Summary: Sgt. Pinckney retirement
... and respected officers within the bureau's esteemed ranks; and

Whereas, upon his retirement, Michael plans to spend his time at home with his wife, Brenda, chasing his grandchildren around the house, ...

Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4253
Summary: Lisa Hawthorne
... name="wa_9f2ea7052">Whereas, her motto in life whether at work or at play has always been, "Go for It!", and she plans to spend many happy hours of retirement doing the things she loves: sewing, crafting, scrapbooking, and especially ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4268
Summary: Five Berkeley County School District 1 Teachers of the Year
... to instill students with a positive attitude, patience, and a love for math.  He enjoys building a positive rapport with his students and spends time outside of class helping with the choral and theater departments; and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H 4272
Summary: Scope of Practice
... must provide evidence of a practice agreement, as provided in this section. A licensed NP, CNM, or CNS must spend a portion of his time practicing in an underserved or rural area or serving an underserved ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4306
Summary: Carol Boler, retirement
... her position with the Fifth Judicial Circuit, and on May 4, 2023, her colleagues will gather to honor her and celebrate with her. Carol loves spending time with her family and is looking forward to the wonderful adventures that await in ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4325
Summary: Rhonda Bedenbaugh sympathy
... with her beloved husband of twenty-five years, Dennis Bedenbaugh, she reared a fine daughter, Shayla Mae Bedenbaugh.  Mrs. Bedenbaugh loved spending time with her family and enjoyed embroidering, sewing, and traveling to Edisto Beach ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4326
Summary: Batesburg-Leesville Police Department Captain Connie L. Billings retirement
... lang="EN-US">hereas, Captain Billings lives with her husband, John, in the Monetta area of Saluda County, and they plan to spend many happy hours of retirement together; and


Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4345
Summary: Town of Salley Fire Chief Gene Fogle Retirement
... the lines between Orangeburg and Aiken counties. Together with his beloved wife, Nancy, he reared two fine sons, John and Bobby, and he hopes to spend happy hours of retirement enjoying his family; and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4355
Summary: Coach Sharon Dillon, retirement from coaching
... trust that, as a result of her coaching retirement, she will find herself more frequently able to indulge in traveling with friends and in spending time with family, especially her three nephews and three nieces; and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4356
Summary: Carolyn Hall's 70th birthday
... together with her beloved husband Rudolph "Rudy" Hall, she reared a fine son, Bryan Renard Hall, and she hopes to spend many happy hours with them in her retirement; and


Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4359
Summary: Pastor Andrea Renee McLeod, 7th pastoral anniversary
... of many; and


Whereas, she enjoys spending time with her family, especially her grandchildren, and feels that living a virtuous ...

Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4360
Summary: Catherine Dority 25 years in SC tourism
... are active members of Grace Church Cathedral where she serves on the vestry and on the Hospitality Committee.  As a family, they enjoy spending time outdoors in the Lowcountry, going to Clemson football games, and cheering on the ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4362
Summary: Bishop Crump retirement
... together with his beloved wife, Lady Dawn R. Crump, he reared two fine children, Joshua and Jenesis.  He plans to spend many happy hours of retirement with them and their canine, Ace; and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4369
Summary: Dr. Ted Sherrill retirement
... Ann, he has reared two fine children, John and Jennifer, who have blessed him with the affection of three loving grandchildren.  He plans to spend happy hours of retirement with his family; and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4397
Summary: Janet D'Agostino
... name="up_268cb170a">Whereas, during her spare time, Janet enjoys reading, cooking, gardening, exercising, bird watching, and spending time with her canine companion, Freckles; and


Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4435
Summary: Greenwood Fire Department Battalion Chief Todd Wall-retirement
... name="wa_df5239a52">Whereas, together with his beloved wife, Tara, he reared two fine sons, Cade and Logan, and he plans to spend many happy hours of retirement with them and continue working outside the fire service; and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4478
Summary: Cindy K. Fore, retirement
... veterans; and


Whereas, Ms. Fore plans to spend many happy hours in her retirement with her family and friends as she begins this new ...

Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4510
Summary: Rev. Eugene Collins retirement
... class="scresolutionwhereas"> 

Whereas, in his retirement, he plans to spend many happy hours continuing to love the Lord with all of his heart, soul, and mind; ...

Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4521
Summary: Rose Butler retirement
... community; and


Whereas, she plans to spend many happy hours of retirement with her family and traveling, reading, gardening, and ...

Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H 4541
Summary: Child Data Privacy and Protection Act
... lang="EN-US">       (2) the amount of time, on average, that a child user spends using the online product and whether the product includes any features that are ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H 4643
Summary: Taxpayer Transparency Act
... (6) "Funding action or expenditure" means details on the type of spending including, but not limited to, a grant, contract, or appropriation. This includes tax exemptions or credits. ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H 4663
Summary: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
... of this State, and all of its political subdivisions, including all institutions of higher learning and school districts, is prohibited from spending any money appropriated or authorized to the office or department until the governing board ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4739
Summary: Tammy Withrow retirement as clerk of Jefferson SC


Whereas, she plans to spend many happy hours of retirement with her family and traveling in her recently purchased RV; ...

Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4850
Summary: Kathy Teresa Mitchell Hope
... name="wa_48b651958">Whereas, together with her beloved husband, William Hope, she reared one fine child, Letitia Hope, and she always enjoyed spending time with her family and friends; and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4940
Summary: Jane Shuler, retirement
... confidential informal opinions written; instituting a fine appeal process and adopting fine appeal standards, with 158 fine appeals heard; and spending two and a half years collaborating with the State Ethics Commission director and Senate ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4941
Summary: Herb Jones, Retiring House Sgt, at Arms
... and


Whereas, Mr. Jones plans to spend many happy hours of retirement with his wife of twenty-four years, Janel, who he began dating ...

Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H 4944
Summary: Charter Schools
... (2) a financial statement that discloses the costs of administration, instruction, and other spending categories for the charter school that is understandable to the general public and that allows ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4959
Summary: Memory of Sarah Deas Gibson and the Honorable George Roosevelt Gibson
... Church but after marriage she joined Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church. She graduated from Lincoln High School in 1965 and went on to spend time in Portland, Oregon, pursuing educational options before returning home to Sumter. In ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H 4980
Summary: Medicaid
... name="wa_b7c20109d">Whereas, the rise of income levels that would occur under Medicaid expansion would translate into additional spending both from individuals and households, creating substantial increases in tax revenue statewide. ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*5003
Summary: Virginia "Ginger" Lee, Retirement
... (Jordan) Hicks and Grace (Dustin) Way, who have blessed them with the affection of one loving grandson, Jordan "King" Hicks, Jr. She plans to spend happy hours of retirement with her family; and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*5058
Summary: Gee Whetsel, editor of Lee County Observer
... retirement, the House trusts she will find herself more frequently able to indulge in traveling across our beautiful country, playing tennis, and spending time with her family (especially those delightful grands); and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*5077
Summary: Clifton Hendrix
... blessed him with the affection of loving grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Now in his second retirement, he enjoys deep satisfaction spending time with his wife and all of his family and in serving his church; and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*5140
Summary: Seneca Middle School Librarian Cassondra Moore-SC Outstanding Library of the Year
... name="wa_383aa9387">Whereas, students participating in Project Lit must arrive early before school because they have chosen to spend that time in the library discussing books and encouraging others to read books. When Ms. Moore sees ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*5162
Summary: Dr. Charles Pinckney Darby, Jr. sympathy
... He created lasting memories through the combination of three of his passions: enjoying the outdoors, keeping physically fit, and spending time with his family; and


Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H 5164
Summary: Education Scholarship Trust Fund
... (12) "Substantial misuse" means wilfully and knowingly receiving or spending any portion of a scholarship for any purpose other than a qualifying expense. ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H 5221
Summary: House Rules, voting in judicial elections
... adoption of an amendment to the Annual General Appropriations Bill where the amendment directly effects the raising or spending of revenue in the amount of ten thousand dollars or more; ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*5237
Summary: Max Hardy, sympathy
... we're going to feed them," he said. "But also teaching kids how to do the same thing and understand how food grows, where it comes from, how to spend money, and how to save and do this with their family"; and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H 5316
Summary: Grantor Trust Reimbursement
... Section 62-7-505. (a) Whether or not the terms of a trust contain a spendthrift provision, the following rules apply: ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*5321
Summary: Eleanor T. Shekitka
... there and remained in Sumter after retiring. She is an avid singer and bingo player, and she finds much enjoyment in spending time with her family. She has three sons, four grandchildren, and seven ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*5360
Summary: Shaquille Oliver
... A person of strong faith originally from Greenwood County, Mr. Oliver previously owned his own tree business, and he still cuts trees and spends time with family in his spare time; and


Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*5362
Summary: Rosavelt Copeland
... when he isn't counseling, conducting funerals, or visiting the sick and shut-in, Pastor Copeland enjoys walking and spending time with his family. He is married to Vanisha Dawkins Copeland, and together they have four children and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*5377
Summary: Scott Duchesneau sympathy
... his artistic skill as a tile contractor to help renovate and upgrade some of the finest homes in Beaufort. In their free time, he and Julie loved spending time at Plums Restaurant with their unofficial adoptive daughter, Kim Brodeur, ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*5401
Summary: Robert Wayne Kneece, Sr.
... and Jason, who worked alongside him from a young age. He was an amazing grandfather that treasured his grandchildren; he often could be seen spending time with Coby at Shed 17 or fishing on the pond with Sadie; and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*5405
Summary: Poultry Festival - Distinguished Citizen of the Year
... class="scresolutionwhereas">Whereas, Billy especially enjoys spending time with his family and friends at cookouts, ball games, or on nights out on the town. He can be ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*5475
Summary: Robert "Jeff" Barham retirement
... class="scresolutionwhereas">Whereas, he plans many happy hours of retirement spending time with his grandchildren, traveling with Valerie, and helping veterans for whom he has always cared so deeply; and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*5515
Summary: SCHP Deputy Britt Parker
... class="scresolutionwhereas"> 

Whereas, in his spare time, Britt enjoys spending time at what his friends call his farm because he has made it home to numerous animals ...

Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*5532
Summary: Josh Shumpert retirement
... class="scresolutionwhereas">Whereas, a faithful member of Ebenezer Pentecostal Church in South Congaree, he plans to spend many happy hours of retirement with his beloved wife of twenty years, Rea, and his ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*5548
Summary: Dr. Frank Rodriguez, SC Superintendent of the Year
... in the district's best-ever ELA scores. Dr. Rodriguez fostered trust through initiatives like the Citizen-Led Oversight Committee to monitor bond spending, contributing to voters overwhelmingly approving the district's largest-ever bond ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*5553
Summary: Bobby Bowen retirement
... and


Whereas, Mr. Bowen plans to spend many happy hours of retirement traveling with his wife and their dog, Sugar; and ...

Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*5558
Summary: Dorothy “Dot Williams, 81st birthday
... In her spare time, she enjoys watching football and basketball, traveling, cooking, crafting, making floral arrangements, decorating, and spending time with family; and


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