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Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H 4087
Summary: Income tax credits
... work cannot be standardized over a specific period of time.  The work must require consistent exercise of discretion and the employee must spend at least eighty percent of the time performing headquarters related functions and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4176
Summary: Honor Congressman Ro Khanna.
... should invest in priorities at home, such as Medicare for all, affordable childcare, and free public college and vocational school, rather than spending trillions on wars overseas; and


Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H 4185
Summary: Driver training
... or remote online training. The online classroom training must utilize a student username and password, measure the amount of time the student spends in the course, provide technical support to students that is available twenty-four hours ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4198
Summary: Sgt. Pinckney retirement
... and respected officers within the bureau's esteemed ranks; and

Whereas, upon his retirement, Michael plans to spend his time at home with his wife, Brenda, chasing his grandchildren around the house, ...

Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4253
Summary: Lisa Hawthorne
... name="wa_9f2ea7052">Whereas, her motto in life whether at work or at play has always been, "Go for It!", and she plans to spend many happy hours of retirement doing the things she loves: sewing, crafting, scrapbooking, and especially ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4268
Summary: Five Berkeley County School District 1 Teachers of the Year
... to instill students with a positive attitude, patience, and a love for math.  He enjoys building a positive rapport with his students and spends time outside of class helping with the choral and theater departments; and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H 4272
Summary: Scope of Practice
... must provide evidence of a practice agreement, as provided in this section. A licensed NP, CNM, or CNS must spend a portion of his time practicing in an underserved or rural area or serving an underserved ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4306
Summary: Carol Boler, retirement
... her position with the Fifth Judicial Circuit, and on May 4, 2023, her colleagues will gather to honor her and celebrate with her. Carol loves spending time with her family and is looking forward to the wonderful adventures that await in ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4325
Summary: Rhonda Bedenbaugh sympathy
... with her beloved husband of twenty-five years, Dennis Bedenbaugh, she reared a fine daughter, Shayla Mae Bedenbaugh.  Mrs. Bedenbaugh loved spending time with her family and enjoyed embroidering, sewing, and traveling to Edisto Beach ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4326
Summary: Batesburg-Leesville Police Department Captain Connie L. Billings retirement
... lang="EN-US">hereas, Captain Billings lives with her husband, John, in the Monetta area of Saluda County, and they plan to spend many happy hours of retirement together; and


Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4345
Summary: Town of Salley Fire Chief Gene Fogle Retirement
... the lines between Orangeburg and Aiken counties. Together with his beloved wife, Nancy, he reared two fine sons, John and Bobby, and he hopes to spend happy hours of retirement enjoying his family; and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4355
Summary: Coach Sharon Dillon, retirement from coaching
... trust that, as a result of her coaching retirement, she will find herself more frequently able to indulge in traveling with friends and in spending time with family, especially her three nephews and three nieces; and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4356
Summary: Carolyn Hall's 70th birthday
... together with her beloved husband Rudolph "Rudy" Hall, she reared a fine son, Bryan Renard Hall, and she hopes to spend many happy hours with them in her retirement; and


Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4359
Summary: Pastor Andrea Renee McLeod, 7th pastoral anniversary
... of many; and


Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4360
Summary: Catherine Dority 25 years in SC tourism
... are active members of Grace Church Cathedral where she serves on the vestry and on the Hospitality Committee.  As a family, they enjoy spending time outdoors in the Lowcountry, going to Clemson football games, and cheering on the ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4362
Summary: Bishop Crump retirement
... together with his beloved wife, Lady Dawn R. Crump, he reared two fine children, Joshua and Jenesis.  He plans to spend many happy hours of retirement with them and their canine, Ace; and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4369
Summary: Dr. Ted Sherrill retirement
... Ann, he has reared two fine children, John and Jennifer, who have blessed him with the affection of three loving grandchildren.  He plans to spend happy hours of retirement with his family; and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4397
Summary: Janet D'Agostino
... name="up_268cb170a">Whereas, during her spare time, Janet enjoys reading, cooking, gardening, exercising, bird watching, and spending time with her canine companion, Freckles; and


Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4435
Summary: Greenwood Fire Department Battalion Chief Todd Wall-retirement
... name="wa_df5239a52">Whereas, together with his beloved wife, Tara, he reared two fine sons, Cade and Logan, and he plans to spend many happy hours of retirement with them and continue working outside the fire service; and ...
Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4478
Summary: Cindy K. Fore, retirement
... veterans; and


Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4510
Summary: Rev. Eugene Collins retirement
... class="scresolutionwhereas"> 

Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H*4521
Summary: Rose Butler retirement
... community; and


Session 125 - (2023-2024) - H 4541
Summary: Child Data Privacy and Protection Act
... lang="EN-US">      

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