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Agency's Mission and Vision

An agency's mission may be stated in statute or have a strong connection to the requirements and purpose of the agency stated in statute. It answers the question, "what is the agency to accomplish?"

An agency's vision is a statement of the agency's desired future state. It states (1) where the agency is headed, (2) what it aspires to, and (3) how it intends to be perceived. It is a tool for the agency to focus on its desired future.

Information about the agency's mission and vision is provided by the agency in its Annual Restructuring Report, Program Evaluation, Request for Information, or Accountability Report.

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  • Mission

    The goals for South Carolina First Steps to School Readiness are to:
    (1) provide parents with access to the support they might seek and want to strengthen their families and to promote the optimal development of their preschool children;
    (2) increase comprehensive services so children have reduced risk for major physical, developmental, and learning problems;
    (3) promote high quality preschool programs that provide a healthy environment that will promote normal growth and development;
    (4) provide services so all children receive the protection, nutrition, and health care needed to thrive in the early years of life so they arrive at school ready to learn; and
    (5) mobilize communities to focus efforts on providing enhanced services to support families and their young children so as to enable every child to reach school healthy and ready to learn.

    Legal Standards which serve as the basis
  • S.C. Code Ann. 59-152-30. Goals.

  • Vision

    Vision 2013 Strategic Plan: Connect South Carolina's high-risk children to coordinated, individualized interventions designed to improve their educational and developmental trajectories. (NOTE: The First Steps Board of Trustees is in the midst of a new strategic planning process. The Board will provide updated language as applicable.)

    Legal Standards which serve as the basis.
  • The agency did not provide any legal standards that serve as a basis for its vision. The agency referenced the Board of Trustees Strategic Plan (Vision 2013).

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