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What is Legislative Oversight?

    • Committee Vision: For South Carolina agencies to become, and continuously remain, the most effective state agencies in the country through processes which eliminate waste and efficiently deploy resources, thereby creating greater confidence in state government.


    • Committee Mission: Determine if agency laws and programs are being implemented and carried out in accordance with the intent of the General Assembly and whether they should be continued, curtailed or eliminated. Inform the public about state agencies.

What to, and Not to, Expect
  • What to Expect:
  • Studies by your elected Representatives
  • Ability for the public to be involved in the process
  • Identification of areas for improvement and recommendations for agencies under study
  • Central source of information about agencies under study

  • What Not to Expect:
  • Finding every issue or potential area of improvement at agencies
  • Solving every issue at agencies
  • Recommendations that satisfy everyone

Laws that Apply
Title 1. Administration of the Government.
  • Chapter 30. General Provisions.
Title 2. General Assembly
  • Chapter 2. Legislative Oversight of Executive Departments
  • 2-2-5. Declaration of public policy
  • 2-2-10. Definitions
  • 2-2-20. Scheduled seven-year oversight studies and investigations
  • 2-2-30. Procedure for conducting oversight studies and investigations
  • 2-2-40. Unscheduled oversight studies and investigations
  • 2-2-50. Acquisition of evidence or information
  • 2-2-60. Program evaluation reports
  • 2-2-70. Testimony under oath
  • 2-2-80. Witnesses; right to counsel; legal privilege; ruling on objections; review
  • 2-2-90. Witnesses; privilege at law
  • 2-2-100. Contempt; penalty
  • 2-2-110. Notification to Attorney General of violations of Section 2-2-100; filing of charges
  • 2-2-120. Criminal contempt; penalty

Legislative Services Agency
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