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State and Federal Laws Relating to the Agency

In the Annual Restructuring Report, the agency was asked to provide a list of the legal standards that apply to the agency. An agency's mission and vision should have a basis in the legal standards that apply to the agency. In addition, each agency legal responsibility should be accomplished by one or more agency goals and objectives.

Below are lists of the state and federal laws that apply to the agency. This information was provided by the agency in its Annual Restructuring Report, Program Evaluation, Request for Information, or Accountability Report. There are links to where each list (e.g., state and federal laws) begins on the page and each code section included in a list is a link to the complete statute where you can find additional information.

  • The Clerk of the House of Representatives publishes a South Carolina Legislative Process booklet which provides an overview of the lawmaking process of the South Carolina General Assembly. The booklet has been developed to aid in understanding the process and offers a glossary of terms used in the legislative process.
  • Unless specifically stated otherwise, a proviso is a temporary law, made effective for the upcoming fiscal year by the enactment of the General Appropriations Act (state budget).
  • This is an Excel document which shows the goals and/or objectives that satisfy each legal standard that applies to the agency.

  • State Constitution

  • Agency did not provide any that directly related to it.

  • State Laws

    Title 12. Taxation.
  • Chapter 6. South Carolina Income Tax Act.
  • 12-6-5060. Voluntary contribution to certain funds may be designated on return; reporting of contributions annually by department.

  • Title 44. Health.
  • Chapter 7. Hospitals, Tuberculosis Camps and Health Services Districts.
  • Article 21. Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities
  • 44-7-2510. Short title.
  • 44-7-2515. Purpose of article.
  • 44-7-2520. Definitions.
  • 44-7-2530. Duties of department; role of other publicly funded agencies.
  • 44-7-2540. Interagency system to be developed.
  • 44-7-2550. Regulations.
  • 44-7-2560. Individualized family service plans.
  • 44-7-2570. Fees for services; insurance.
  • 44-7-2590. Confidentiality of records and information; exceptions; penalties for unauthorized disclosure.
  • 44-7-2600. Reports to Joint Legislative Committee on Children.
  • 44-7-2610. Local interagency coordinating councils.

  • Title 59. Education.
  • Chapter 36. Preschool Programs for Children with Disabilities.
  • 59-36-10. Definitions.
  • 59-36-20. Comprehensive system of special education and services; mandate of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act; agencies and persons responsible; inter-agency cooperation; level of services; costs of services; resolving disagreements.
  • 59-36-30. Assistance of state advisory council.
  • 59-36-40. Policies, standards, and procedures to ensure appropriate education; consultant; evaluation and placement of students; certification and credentials of personnel.
  • 59-36-50. Boards of school districts to provide programs; arrangements with other districts and agencies; transportation; individualized education programs; transition.
  • 59-36-60. Pre-existing responsibilities, funds and services not supplanted.
  • 59-36-70. Annual report by advisory council summarizing services for preschoolers; reports by other agencies.
  • 59-36-80. Study of costs; recommendation as to weighting in connection with funding; annual determination of funding level.
  • Chapter 152. South Carolina First Steps to School Readiness.
  • 59-152-10. First Steps to School Readiness initiative established.
  • 59-152-20. Purpose.
  • 59-152-25. Definitions.
  • 59-152.30. Goals.
  • 59-152-32. Comprehensive long-range initiative.
  • 59-152-33. School readiness assessment.
  • 59-152-40. Board of Trustees to oversee initiative.
  • 59-152-50. Office of South Carolina First Steps to School Readiness established; duties.
  • 59-152-60. Local First Steps Partnership Boards; bylaws; board members; review of membership categories; election and term of chairman; records of meetings; abstention from voting.
  • 59-152-70. Local partnership boards; comprehensive plans; staff costs; efficiency collaborations; performance reviews.
  • 59-152-80. Repealed by 2014 Act No. 287, Section 23, eff June 18, 2014.
  • 59-152-90. Local partnership boards; grant funding.
  • 59-152-100. Local partnership boards; use of grant funding.
  • 59-152-110. Repealed by 2014 Act No. 287, Section 23, eff June 18, 2014.
  • 59-152-120. Local partnerships; funding use restrictions.
  • 59-152-130. Matching funds.
  • 59-152-140. Carrying funds forward into subsequent years.
  • 59-152-150. Development and adoption of standard fiscal accountability system; private and nonstate funds; disbursements; applicable offenses.
  • 59-152-160. Internal evaluation policies and procedures.
  • Chapter 156. Child Early Reading Development and Education Program.
  • 59-156-110. South Carolina Child Early Reading Development and Education Program.

  • Title 63. South Carolina Children's Code.
  • Chapter 11. Children's Services Agencies.
  • Article 17. First Steps to School Readiness Board of Trustees
  • 63-11-1710. Board established.
  • 63-11-1720. Board of trustees; composition; study committee.
  • 63-11-1725. Advisory council.
  • 63-11-1730. Board of trustees; promulgation of comprehensive long-term initiative; regulations; policies.
  • 63-11-1740. Director and staff.
  • 63-11-1750. Funding.

  • State Provisos (Temporary Law)

    2014-2015 Appropriations Act, Part 1B Section
  • 1.62. (SDE: First Steps)
  • 1.66. (SDE: Child Development Education Pilot Program)
  • 1.71. (SDE: First Steps CDEPP Carry Forward and Other Funds)
  • 1A.31. (SDE-EIA: Child Development Education Pilot Program)
  • 1A.66. (SDE-EIA: CDEPP Student Information and Reporting)
  • 1A.67. (SDE-EIA: Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Assessments)
  • 1A.68. (SDE-EIA: BabyNet Early Intervention Autism Therapy)
  • 117.99. (GP:First Steps - BabyNet)
  • 117.103. (GP: First Steps Reauthorization)

  • Federal Laws

  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Part C

  • Laws Satisfied by Agency's Goals and Objectives

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