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Session 114 - (2001-2002) - H*5309
Summary: Citadel graduates, the first African American Women
... of military education; and Whereas, these young women, diverse in their demographics and in their interests, united in their perseverance, courage, and commitment, and proved to be exceptional students and extraordinary leaders in the ...
Session 114 - (2001-2002) - H*5311
Summary: Bennett, Laura
... knew she had to help Representative Neilson; and Whereas, Representative Neilson attributes her survival and recovery to Laura Bennett whose courageous and commendable acts were surely instrumental in her revival; and Whereas, for both ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - H*3583
Summary: William G. "Billy" Farrow
... Assembly of the State of South Carolina request that William G. "Billy" Farrow be given a posthumous Congressional Medal of Honor for his courage during the raid on Tokyo, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Doolittle, in 1942; ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - H 3714
Summary: SC Education and Economic Development Act; School-To-Work Transition Act of 1994 repealed; character education provisions
... others, honesty, duty, self-control, cleanliness, courtesy, good manners, cooperation, commitment to others, citizenship, patriotism, courage, fairness, kindness, self-respect, compassion, diligence, good work ethic, sound ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - H*5283
Summary: Richmond Hobson Hilton
... of these South Carolinians; and Whereas, Sergeant Hilton, Company M, 118th Infantry, 30th Division, United States Army, displayed extraordinary courage when his company was under intense machine-gun fire while advancing through the village ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - H*5284
Summary: William H. Walling
... one of these South Carolinians; and Whereas, Captain Walling, Company C, 142nd New York Infantry, United States Army, exhibited extraordinary courage during the bombardment of Fort Fisher, North Carolina, on Christmas Day, 1864, when, ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - H*5285
Summary: Edward Floyd
... Edward Floyd is one of these South Carolinians; and Whereas, Floyd, a boilermaker in the United States Navy, exhibited extraordinary courage when serving on the U. S. S. Iowa in January 1905 at the time of the blowing out of the manhole ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - H*5289
Summary: Middleton Stuart Elliott
... 1914. Surgeon Elliott was eminent and conspicuous in the efficient establishment and operation of the base hospital, and in his cool judgment and courage in supervising first aid stations on the firing line and removing the wounded; ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - H*5291
Summary: Robert S. Kennemore
... explosion, a heroic act that prevented injury to his fellow marines; and Whereas, his selfless efforts, exceptional leadership, and inspiring courage provide a lasting example of the finest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - H*5292
Summary: Joe R. Hooper
... inspiring leadership, and heroic self-sacrifice were directly responsible for the company's success and provide a lasting example in personal courage for every man in the field; and Whereas, the members of the General Assembly, by this ...

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