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Session 115 - (2003-2004) - H*5296
Summary: Harold E. Wilson
... tend to his own men first inspiring them to rally repeatedly and turn back the furious assaults; and Whereas, Harold E. Wilson's outstanding courage, initiative, and skilled leadership in the face of overwhelming odds were contributing ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - H*5298
Summary: Ernest A. Garlington
... of these South Carolinians; and Whereas, First Lieutenant Ernest A. Garlington, serving in the 7th United States Cavalry, displayed conspicuous courage and distinguished gallantry in action at Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota, on 29 ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - H*5304
Summary: Noah O. Knight
... Division and served with honor and distinction in Korea; and Whereas, he received the Medal of Honor for conspicuous gallantry and indomitable courage above and beyond the call of duty in action while occupying a key position in the ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - H*5306
Summary: William A. McWhorter
... and distinction in the Philippines; and Whereas, he received the Medal of Honor for disregarding his own well being and displaying exemplary courage while manning a machine gun when enemy troops launched a heavy attack on his position at ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - H*5307
Summary: George L. Mabry, Jr.
... his regiment a firm foothold on the approach to the Cologne Plain; and Whereas, Colonel Mabry's tenacious efforts while showing superior courage, daring, and leadership in an operation of major importance exemplify the finest ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - H*5309
Summary: Charles Q. Williams
... positions, and eventually ordering the consolidation of the American personnel from both compounds to strengthen the defense; and Whereas, the courage of 1st Lt. Williams inspired his team to hold out against the insurgent force as he ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - H*5311
Summary: James E. Williams
... of his patrol; and Whereas, amid increasing strength of the enemy force, PO1c. Williams demonstrated unusual professional skill and indomitable courage throughout the three-hour battle. He displayed great initiative and boldly led the ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - H*5313
Summary: Daniel Augustus Joseph Sullivan
... the late Daniel Augustus Joseph Sullivan of Charleston is one of these South Carolinians; and Whereas, Ensign Sullivan exhibited extraordinary courage as an officer of the U.S.S. Cristabel in May of 1918 when he fell on and secured depth ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - H*5331
Summary: Briggs, Delaine, Pearson Interchange in Clarendon County
... this State in the 1940's and 1950's were subjected to the harsh conditions imposed upon them by a segregated society; and Whereas, a group of courageous Clarendon County community leaders, parents, children, and families dedicated ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - H*5393
Summary: Corporal Freddie Stowers
... for African American soldiers; and Whereas, facing incredible enemy resistance, Corporal Stowers did not hesitate to take charge and set a courageous example while putting himself in great personal danger, and he inspired his men to follow ...

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