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Subcommittee Chair: Bruce W. Bannister

Subcommittee Members: Hon. Neal A. Collins, Hon. Mandy Powers Norrell, Hon. Robert L. Ridgeway

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State and Federal Laws Relating to the Agency

In the Annual Restructuring Report, the agency was asked to provide a list of the legal standards that apply to the agency. An agency's mission and vision should have a basis in the legal standards that apply to the agency. In addition, each agency legal responsibility should be accomplished by one or more agency goals and objectives.

Below are lists of the state and federal laws that apply to the agency. This information was provided by the agency in its Annual Restructuring Report, Program Evaluation, Request for Information, or Accountability Report. There are links to where each list (e.g., state and federal laws) begins on the page and each code section included in a list is a link to the complete statute where you can find additional information.

  • The Clerk of the House of Representatives publishes a South Carolina Legislative Process booklet which provides an overview of the lawmaking process of the South Carolina General Assembly. The booklet has been developed to aid in understanding the process and offers a glossary of terms used in the legislative process.
  • Unless specifically stated otherwise, a proviso is a temporary law, made effective for the upcoming fiscal year by the enactment of the General Appropriations Act (state budget).
  • This is an Excel document which shows the goals and/or objectives that satisfy each legal standard that applies to the agency.

  • State Constitution

  • Agency did not provide any that directly related to it.

  • State Laws

    Title 1. Administration of the Government.
  • Chapter 1. General Provisions.
  • 1-1-810. Annual accountability reports by agencies and departments of state government.
  • 1-1-820. Contents of annual accountability reports.
  • 1-1-1040. Links to websites posting department's monthly state procurement card statements or information; redaction.

  • Chapter 30. Departments of State Government.
  • 1-30-10(A). Departments of State Government.
  • 1-30-10(G)(1). Departments of State Government.
  • 1-30-10(G) (2). Departments of State Government.

  • Title 2. General Assembly.
  • Chapter 47. Joint Bond Review Committee.
  • 2-47-50. Establishment of permanent improvement projects by Board; review of proposed revisions; "permanent improvement project" defined.
  • 2-47-55. Comprehensive Permanent Improvement Plan.

  • Title 8. Public Officers and Employees.
  • Chapter 13. Ethics, Government Accountability, and Campaign Reform.
  • 8-13-1110. Persons required to file statement of economic interests.
  • 8-13-1140. Filing of updated statement.

  • Title 11. Public Finance.
  • Chapter 35. South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code.
  • 11-35-2440. Records of procurement actions.
  • 11-35-3310. Indefinite delivery contracts for construction items, architectural-engineering, and land surveying services.
  • 11-35-3830. Trade-in sales.
  • 11-35-5240. Minority business enterprise (MBE) Utilization Plan.

  • Title 12. Taxation.
  • Chapter 28. Motor Fuels Subject to User Fees.
  • 12-28-2740. Distribution of gasoline user fee among counties; requirements for expenditure of funds; county transportation committees.
  • 12-28-2930. Allocation of state source highway funds for construction and renovation projects to firms owned and controlled by disadvantaged ethnic minorities or women.

  • Title 44. Health.
  • Chapter 96. South Carolina Solid Waste Policy and Management Act.
  • 44-96-140. Recycling programs of state government; state procurement policy; report of the Department of Transportation.

  • Title 48. Environmental Protection and Conservation.
  • Chapter 52. Energy Efficiency.
  • 48-52-620. State agencies and school districts to submit energy conservation plans and reports; metering of state buildings; annual compilation of reports.

  • Title 57. Highways, Bridges and Ferries.
  • Chapter 1. General Provisions.
  • Chapter 3. Department of Transportation.>
  • Chapter 5. State Highway System.
  • Chapter 7. Obstruction or Damage to Roads or Drainage.
  • Chapter 9. Abandonment or Closing of Streets, Roads or Highways.
  • Chapter 11. Financial Matters.
  • Chapter 13. Provisions affecting Bridges Only.
  • Chapter 15. Provisions affecting Ferries Only.
  • Chapter 17. County Roads, Bridges and Ferries Generally.
  • Chapter 19. County Road Taxes and Assessments.
  • Chapter 21. Paving Districts in Counties with City of Over 70,000.
  • Chapter 23.Highway Beautification and Scenic Routes.
  • Chapter 25. Outdoor Advertising.
  • Chapter 27. Junkyard Control.

  • State Provisos (Temporary Law)

    2014-2015 Appropriations Act, Part 1B Section
  • 84.11. (DOT: Hanahan Permit Application)
  • 84.16. (DOT: Pedestrian Overpass)
  • 117.14. (GP: Discrimination Policy)
  • 117.28. (GP: Travel Report)
  • 117.31. (GP: Base Budget Analysis)
  • 117.37. (GP: Debt Collection Reports)
  • 117.52. (GP: Organizational Charts)
  • 117.79. (GP: Fines and Fees Report)
  • 117.88. (GP: Bank Account Transparency and Accountability)
  • 117.132. (GP: Information Technology and Information Security Plans)

  • Federal Laws

  • Title 23. Highways
  • Title 49. Transportation.
  • Subtitle III. General and Intermodal Programs

  • Laws Satisfied by Agency's Goals and Objectives

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