South Carolina Legislature

Rule 37.

Bills Shall Receive Three Readings--Resolutions
and Committee Reports to Lie on Table One Day

      Every Bill shall receive three different readings, on three different days prior to its being passed, and the President shall give notice of each, whether it be the first, second, or third reading. All Resolutions to which the approval and signature of the Governor may be requisite, or which may grant money out of the contingent or any other fund, shall be treated in all respects, as to introduction and form of proceedings on them in the Senate, as Bills. All other Resolutions and Reports of standing, special, conference and free conference Committees shall lie on the table one statewide legislative day for consideration provided, however, that during the six (6) statewide legislative days preceding the date set for sine die adjournment the one day requirement as to a specific Resolution or report of a committee may be suspended by a vote of three-fifths (3/5) of the Senators present and voting. The provisions of this Rule do not apply to amendments to sine die Resolutions that have been previously approved by the Senate.

First and Third Readings by Title

      The first and third readings of each Bill shall be by its title only; provided, that on each second reading the Bill shall be read in full on the motion of any Senator which shall be decided without debate.

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