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Session 114 - (2001-2002) - S*786
Summary: Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine, Providence Hospital
... Learners program which provides healthcare services to disadvantaged school children; and Whereas, the Sisters of Charity continue to be courageous in their ministries and exceptional in their capacity to provide loving care to many ...
Session 114 - (2001-2002) - S*913
Summary: Doolittle Raiders
... resulting in their defeat in the crucial Battle of Midway; and Whereas, South Carolinians and all Americans owe tremendous gratitude to the courageous eighty volunteers, led by Lt. Col. James H. Doolittle, who made up, first assembled, and ...
Session 114 - (2001-2002) - S*996
Summary: Armed Forces of the United States Veterans Monument Commission, established
... the people of a grateful State should express their appreciation for the honorable military service of her sons and daughters and remember their courage, service, and sacrifice by erecting an appropriate monument located on the grounds of the ...
Session 114 - (2001-2002) - S*1038
Summary: National Guard and Reserve
... of South Carolinians proudly serving in the National Guard and Reserve, and urge all communities, businesses, and employers to honor these courageous sons and daughters of South Carolina who routinely put their personal lives on hold to defend ...
Session 114 - (2001-2002) - S*1329
Summary: South Lynches Fire Department
... and the dedicated professionals who make the department an example to be emulated, are to be commended and congratulated for its brave and courageous efforts to serve the public by providing emergency response to both fires and other ...
Session 114 - (2001-2002) - H*3458
Summary: The Honorable Terry E. Haskins; portrait to be placed in State House; Resolutions, Buildings, General Assembly
... gambling in the State of South Carolina; and Whereas, Representative Haskins was one of the first Republicans to advocate, with sensitivity and courage, the removal of the Confederate Flag from the State House dome; and Whereas, ...
Session 114 - (2001-2002) - H*3524
Summary: Lewisville High School Cheerleaders, Resolutions
... battling cancer and was unable to attend many of the practices. Debbie Rogers was an integral part of the team, and the team was moved by Debbie's courage in the face of suffering; and Whereas, because of these circumstances, the ...
Session 114 - (2001-2002) - H*3526
Summary: Debbie Rogers, Resolutions
... surge of confidence that propelled them on to win the state championship; and Whereas, the General Assembly congratulates Debbie Rogers for her courage and fortitude in battling this terrible disease and for her leadership of the State ...
Session 114 - (2001-2002) - H*3638
Summary: Youth in the House Day; March 7, 2001; Resolutions
... South Carolina's children, who are pressured to make difficult choices every day, promise to make good decisions based on leadership and courage; and Whereas, public and private organizations are working together in encouraging young ...
Session 114 - (2001-2002) - H*3799
Summary: Paul Pietrowski, Resolutions
... COTTAGEVILLE ON SUNDAY, JANUARY 28, 2001. Whereas, the members of the General Assembly would like to commend and honor Paul Pietrowski for the courage and selflessness he displayed in helping to save a stranger's life; and Whereas, a ...

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