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Session 115 - (2003-2004) - S*311
Summary: President George W. Bush
... both the futility and perils of failing to back up stated political goals with sufficient military means; and Whereas, President Bush's courageous decision to use all necessary means is the only way to terminate, once and for all, Saddam ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - S*396
Summary: Inez Williams Brown
... her commitment to her family, her community, and her God throughout a long and fruitful life. Her life is both an inspiration and an example of courage to all who knew and loved her, and she will be sorely missed. Now, therefore, Be it ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - S*443
Summary: Armed Forces who fought in the Persian Gulf
... Iraq during Desert Storm; and Whereas, thousands of this state's citizens have, most recently, left behind their families and communities to courageously defend this country, once again, in the Persian Gulf; and Whereas, the mission of ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - S*459
Summary: National Guard and Reserve
... Reserve by these volunteer forces; and Whereas, the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina is proud to take the lead in honoring these courageous sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters of our State. Now, ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - S 462
Summary: Education and Economic Development Act
... others, honesty, duty, self-control, cleanliness, courtesy, good manners, cooperation, commitment to others, citizenship, patriotism, courage, fairness, kindness, self-respect, compassion, diligence, good work ethic, sound ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - S*510
Summary: Florence County, Frazier B. Baker historical marker
... office in protest as a warning to Mr. Baker; and Whereas, despite the worry that he had for the safety of his family and himself, Mr. Baker courageously kept his position and became a role model for many African American residents of the ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - S*701
Summary: Gerald Boyd
... for Judge Barber in Langley, South Carolina, for five years, worked for many years for the Graniteville Company; and Whereas, Mr. Boyd courageously and patriotically served this country in the United States Army and defended this nation ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - S*709
Summary: First Class Geraldine Lloyd Person
... State, and the United States of America; and Whereas, Cryptologist First Class Geraldine Lloyd Person, originally of Aiken, South Carolina, has courageously served in the United States Navy for twenty years to ensure a better quality of ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - S*749
Summary: Septima Clark
... joined the NAACP and was a leader in its efforts to equalize salaries for black teachers and white teachers; and Whereas, Septima Clark took a courageous stand in the effort for civil rights by sacrificing her career as a teacher in the ...
Session 115 - (2003-2004) - S*1228
Summary: Esau G. Patterson, Jr.
... and friends, and all of the soldiers with whom he served; and Whereas, it is with deep admiration that the members of the Senate recognize the courage and sacrifice of Staff Sergeant Esau G. Patterson, Jr., as he laid down his life ...

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