South Carolina Legislature

1980 Session

Listed below are the Acts of the South Carolina General Assembly assigned act numbers during the 1980 legislative session.

Following each act number are the ratification number (preceded by an R), the bill number (preceded by an H for House or an S for Senate) and a brief description of the act.

The number of each act is linked to the legislative information for that act. The legislative information includes a link to the full text of the act.

Act No. 301 (R309, S614)
--Relating to laboratory and clinical equipment at M.U.S.C.
Act No. 302 (R310, S613)
--Relating to the organization and powers of the Board of Trustees of the Medical University of South Carolina
Act No. 303 (R312, S612)
--Clinic to be part of Medical University
Act No. 304 (R314, S554)
--Limitations on loans to directors and officers
Act No. 305 (R315, S151)
--Application to be furnished with insurance policy
Act No. 306 (R316, S226)
--Relating to the maximum charge for the annual fixed license fee for insurance companies
Act No. 307 (R317, S274)
--Chiropractic colleges--accreditation and chartering of
Act No. 308 (R319, S259)
--Qualifications and appointment of members
Act No. 309 (R321, S582)
--Relating to inspection of motor vehicles
Act No. 310 (R322, S191)
--Prison officials-peace officers
Act No. 311 (R328, S534)
--Relating to the computation of time in civil actions and procedures
Act No. 312 (R329, S509)
--Reckless homicide resulting from operation of a boat
Act No. 313 (R330, S419)
--Relating to penalties involved in the unlawful practice of optometry
Act No. 314 (R331, H3327)
--St. Phillip's and St. Michael's Precinct
Act No. 315 (R333, S17)
--Handicapped persons-use of motorized carts at beaches
Act No. 316 (R336, H3195)
--Relating to appeals from decisions of the Real Estate Commissioner
Act No. 317 (R338, S438)
--S. C. State Library Board of Directors--composition and appointment
Act No. 318 (R339, S145)
--Workmen's compensation coverage
Act No. 319 (R340, S628)
--Relating to the classification of public water and wastewater treatment plants
Act No. 320 (R341, S448)
--To provide that monies received by jurors shall be considered expense allowances
Act No. 321 (R342, H3225)
--Home health agencies to obtain certificate
Act No. 322 (R344, S257)
--Reserve officers-date of rank
Act No. 323 (R346, S350)
--Medical marijuana
Act No. 324 (R347, S136)
--Unlawful to fish with anchor nets or seines in Game Zone 7
Act No. 325 (R349, S398)
--Relating to the shipping of alcoholic liquors into this state
Act No. 326 (R351, H3262)
--Relating to interest rates for certain commercial agricultural loans
Act No. 327 (R352, H3265)
--Issuance of auctioneer's license without serving apprentice
Act No. 328 (R353, H3404)
--Bird and game sanctuary created in Florence County
Act No. 329 (R355, H3189)
--Register of mesne conveyances
Act No. 330 (R358, S715)
--Exemption to apply to life estates
Act No. 331 (R359, S687)
--Exemption to apply if ownership part in fee and part for life
Act No. 332 (R360, S686)
--Property to be classified as residential and assessed at four percent
Act No. 333 (R361, S685)
--Payment of taxes not condition to qualify for exemption
Act No. 334 (R363, S334)
--Stealing from libraries--penalties--immunity for library employees
Act No. 335 (R364, H3443)
--Restrictions on wholesale permit
Act No. 336 (R367, S863)
--Taking of nongame fish
Act No. 337 (R368, S493)
--Forms to be filed with insurance commissioner
Act No. 338 (R369, S860)
--Relating to the prohibition against hunting game during closed seasons
Act No. 339 (R370, S550)
--Prohibition on discrimination against oral surgeons
Act No. 340 (R371, H2370)
--Relating to the South Carolina Board of Certification of Environmental Systems Operators
Act No. 341 (R372, S738)
--Time limitation on assessments on taxes increased
Act No. 342 (R373, S716)
--Tax commission may require bonds
Act No. 343 (R374, S718)
--Relating to income tax deductions
Act No. 344 (R375, S719)
--Taxation of generation skipping transfers
Act No. 345 (R376, S154)
--S.C. Life and Health Guaranty Association included
Act No. 346 (R377, S248)
--Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands added to list of eligible parties
Act No. 347 (R378, S566)
--Relating to gifts of all or parts of a deceased person's body
Act No. 348 (R379, S861)
--Deputy wildlife conservation officer
Act No. 349 (R380, S862)
--Relating to the unlawful carrying of pistols
Act No. 350 (R383, H3224)
--Criteria for qualification of life estates for homestead tax exemption
Act No. 351 (R386, H3603)
--South Carolina Board of Chiropractic Examiners created
Act No. 352 (R387, S155)
--Relating to the South Carolina Automobile Insurance Merit Rating Plan
Act No. 353 (R388, S583)
--Relating to traffic tickets
Act No. 354 (R389, S492)
--Relating to required and optional provisions of accident and health insurance policies
Act No. 355 (R390, S494)
--Relating to the annual license fee for foreign insurance companies
Act No. 356 (R397, S852)
--Relating to limitations on investment of county funds
Act No. 357 (R398, S802)
--Definition of "animal shelter"
Act No. 358 (R402, S585)
--Beginner's permit application, issuance, renewal and fee
Act No. 359 (R403, H3292)
--Tax exemption for handicapped persons
Act No. 360 (R404, H3217)
--To create a statewide pretrial intervention program
Act No. 361 (R406, S737)
--Definition of marijuana
Act No. 362 (R411, S788)
--Relating to pharmacists and pharmacies
Act No. 363 (R412, S626)
--Public sports prohibited on sunday, exceptions
Act No. 364 (R413, S240)
--Relating to the payment of charter fees by corporations
Act No. 365 (R414, S569)
--Revenues set aside for repayment of bonds
Act No. 366 (R416, S724)
--Relating to state licensing of bowling alleys and skating rinks
Act No. 367 (R417, S78)
--Uniform Gifts to Minors Act
Act No. 368 (R418, S816)
--Two percent graded premium tax on foreign life insurance companies
Act No. 369 (R419, H3235)
--South Carolina Wildlife and Marine Resources Commission
Act No. 370 (R420, H3463)
--Summons for jury duty may be served by certified mail
Act No. 371 (R422, H3520)
--Voting places in precincts in Greenville County
Act No. 372 (R425, H2365)
--Funds escrowed of persons charged with certain crimes
Act No. 373 (R428, S955)
--Statement of economic interests--filing requirements
Act No. 374 (R430, S954)
--Relating to duties of the State Ethics Commission
Act No. 375 (R431, H2376)
--Default on certain student loans
Act No. 376 (R432, H2624)
--Tabulation and reporting of absentee ballots
Act No. 377 (R433, H2840)
--State Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners
Act No. 378 (R434, H3240)
--Certain injuries to a student who participates in an organized sport of a public school
Act No. 379 (R435, H3263)
--State Board of Financial Institutions
Act No. 380 (R436, H3293)
--Relating to the South Carolina Police Officers Retirement System
Act No. 381 (R437, H3380)
--Relating to license fees for child welfare agencies
Act No. 382 (R439, S786)
--Relating to mental health officers and employees
Act No. 383 (R440, S777)
--Sales of hypodermic needles
Act No. 384 (R441, S994)
--Licenses of pesticide dealers
Act No. 385 (R442, S588)
--Relating to registration and licensing of motor vehicles
Act No. 386 (R444, H3365)
--Hide of deer may be sold, bartered, etc.
Act No. 387 (R445, H3636)
--To establish saltwater-freshwater dividing lines on the coastal rivers
Act No. 388 (R446, H3687)
--Phenylacetone added to Schedule II
Act No. 389 (R447, H3778)
--Homestead property tax exemption
Act No. 390 (R450, H3383)
--Relating to the Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators
Act No. 391 (R451, S1003)
--Tri-County Coliseum Commission established
Act No. 392 (R453, H3522)
--Consumer Finance Act
Act No. 393 (R454, H3249)
--Relating to pleadings and trial in criminal cases
Act No. 394 (R457, H3712)
--Boundaries of voting precincts in Saluda County
Act No. 395 (R458, H3803)
--Goodwin voting precinct
Act No. 396 (R460, S910)
--Dealer demonstration license plates
Act No. 397 (R462, S341)
--Exemption from sales tax
Act No. 398 (R463, S1055)
--Relating to voting precincts in Florence County
Act No. 399 (R464, S789)
--Application for renewal of permits
Act No. 400 (R466, H3282)
--Governing body of counties to make annual reports concerning minibottle revenues
Act No. 401 (R467, H3413)
--Registration of trailers
Act No. 402 (R468, H3526)
--Maximum risk insured shall be limited
Act No. 403 (R469, H3572)
--Use of gill nets
Act No. 404 (R470, H3774)
--Taking of nongame fish in Lake Greenwood
Act No. 405 (R471, H2448)
--Assessment date and the payment of ad valorem taxes on motor vehicles
Act No. 406 (R474, S1008)
--Transportation of handicapped persons
Act No. 407 (R475, S951)
--Employee annuity savings fund
Act No. 408 (R476, S952)
--Disability retirement benefits
Act No. 409 (R477, H3565)
--Conditions on which license shall be reissued
Act No. 410 (R478, H3186)
--Unlawful to color or dye animals or birds
Act No. 411 (R479, H3527)
--South Carolina Consumer Protection Code
Act No. 412 (R481, H2243)
--Designation of automobile insurance marketing outlets
Act No. 413 (R482, H3525)
--Relating to compulsory disposition of collateral
Act No. 414 (R483, H3640)
--Furloughs for terminally ill inmates
Act No. 415 (R484, H3686)
--Relating to the health care planning and oversight committee
Act No. 416 (R486, H2368)
--To change the name of the nursing home ombudsman
Act No. 417 (R487, H2953)
--Unlawful to destroy sea oat plants or venus fly traps on public property
Act No. 418 (R488, H3639)
--Sale of prison made products
Act No. 419 (R489, H3641)
--Relating to the jail inspection system and enforcement of minimum standards
Act No. 420 (R490, H3791)
--Relating to emergency medical services
Act No. 421 (R491, H3792)
--Incorporation of state chartered credit unions
Act No. 422 (R492, H3867)
--Delete requirement to mark containers for military use only
Act No. 423 (R493, H3237)
--Relating to refund of income taxes by the Tax Commission
Act No. 424 (R494, H3834)
--Relating to the issuance of general obligation bonds of a municipality
Act No. 425 (R495, H3901)
--Election commission to designate voting places
Act No. 426 (R496, S990)
--Exemption from ad valorem taxation
Act No. 427 (R497, H3323)
--Financial Transaction Card Crime Act
Act No. 428 (R498, H3326)
--Corporate liquidation
Act No. 429 (R499, H3350)
--Relating to nuclear energy
Act No. 430 (R500, H3484)
--Relating to definitions under the Hospital Revenue Bond Act
Act No. 431 (R501, H3642)
--Relating to employment of inmates of the Department of Corrections
Act No. 432 (R502, H3523)
--Relating to the tax year, assessment and payment of ad valorem taxes on motor vehicles
Act No. 433 (R504, H3703)
--Charges on certain consumer credit sales
Act No. 434 (R505, H2279)
--Permits required to move mobile homes--exceptions
Act No. 435 (R506, H2680)
--State Employee Grievance Procedure Act
Act No. 436 (R507, H3710)
--Board of Accountancy shall adopt regulations relating to continuing education for accountants
Act No. 437 (R509, S374)
--Condition of probation--restitution--supervised employment
Act No. 438 (R512, H3926)
--Game Zones 5 and 8-catching shad with nets
Act No. 439 (R513, S748)
--Control of methadone
Act No. 440 (R514, H3236)
--Public Service Commission
Act No. 441 (R515, S1065)
--Relating to licensing of shrimp bait dealers
Act No. 442 (R516, S1114)
--Administrative Procedures Act
Act No. 443 (R520, H3748)
--Relating to penalties for violation of occupational health and safety standards
Act No. 444 (R523, H2298)
--Minimum wage for national guardsmen
Act No. 445 (R524, H2801)
--Prosthetic devices furnished to injured employees
Act No. 446 (R525, H3618)
--Non-residents big-game permits
Act No. 447 (R526, H3730)
--Dams and Reservoirs Safety Act
Act No. 448 (R527, S950)
--"Compensation" defined
Act No. 449 (R528, S441)
--Turnpike projects
Act No. 450 (R529, S926)
--Relating to exemptions of certain motor vehicles from size, weight and load restrictions
Act No. 451 (R531, S739)
--Motor carriers to obtain temporary permit
Act No. 452 (R534, S920)
--Certain agriculture operations not be considered nuisances
Act No. 453 (R535, S589)
--Relating to use or display of counterfeit, imitation or fictitious motor vehicle inspection certificates
Act No. 454 (R536, S1019)
--Election of commissioners
Act No. 455 (R538, S1088)
--Relating to service charges by insurance premium service companies
Act No. 456 (R540, S982)
--Banks to set aside surplus account
Act No. 457 (R541, S981)
--Relating to examination of banks
Act No. 458 (R542, S1009)
--Representatives of deceased persons may lease allotments
Act No. 459 (R543, S980)
--Relating to the reconfinement of mental health patients who leave without permission
Act No. 460 (R544, S941)
--Relating to the admission of patients
Act No. 461 (R545, H3180)
--Nonresident traffic violator compacts enacted
Act No. 462 (R547, H3283)
--Forfeiture of conveyances
Act No. 463 (R548, H3445)
--Sheriff to approve declaration
Act No. 464 (R551, S883)
--To provide that no municipality may annex the property of any single freeholder
Act No. 465 (R554, S896)
--South Carolina Protection and Advocacy System for the Handicapped, Inc.
Act No. 466 (R557, H2398)
--Hold harmless clauses
Act No. 467 (R558, H2565)
--Municipalities to provide parking spaces
Act No. 468 (R559, H2761)
--Relating to interference with fire and police alarm boxes
Act No. 469 (R560, H3022)
--Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children enacted
Act No. 470 (R561, H3172)
--Service of process procedure for disposal of stolen watercraft
Act No. 471 (R562, H3193)
--Relating to references to and judgments by a master in equity
Act No. 472 (R564, H3825)
--Relating to property exempt from ad valorem taxation
Act No. 473 (R566, H3946)
--Voting precincts in Jasper County
Act No. 474 (R574, S427)
--To regulate the practice of business opportunity sales and to provide a penalty
Act No. 475 (R575, H2736)
--Territorial application of Consumer Protection Code
Act No. 476 (R576, H3653)
--Relating to the election and terms of commissioners of public works of a municipality
Act No. 477 (R579, S879)
--Relating to company loans to officers and directors of insurance companies
Act No. 478 (R581, H3499)
--Property tax exemption for disabled veterans
Act No. 479 (R582, H3694)
--Commissioner may appoint superintendent
Act No. 480 (R584, S1004)
--Uniform system of municipal courts
Act No. 481 (R588, H3684)
--Industrial commission restructured
Act No. 482 (R589, S858)
--Relating to the South Carolina Education Finance Program
Act No. 483 (R590, H2783)
--Relating to the confidentiality of records of juveniles before the family court
Act No. 484 (R591, H2785)
--Relating to conditions and restrictions of conditional releases of juveniles in the custody of the Department of Youth Services
Act No. 485 (R592, H3177)
--Nuclear related businesses may obtain criminal record
Act No. 486 (R593, H3306)
--Dissolutions by forfeiture of certain nonprofit corporations
Act No. 487 (R594, H3436)
--Relating to election of county council members
Act No. 488 (R595, H3552)
--Insurance Commission reauthorized
Act No. 489 (R596, H3581)
--Injured persons may bring action for triple damages
Act No. 490 (R608, H4035)
--Lawful to hunt deer with dogs in portion of Lancaster County
Act No. 491 (R609, H3575)
--To create joint agencies
Act No. 492 (R610, H3696)
--Application for examination as registered pharmacist
Act No. 493 (R611, H3702)
--Relating to applications and fees for examinations of optometrists and opticians
Act No. 494 (R612, H2922)
--Relating to charges for services rendered by the Department of Mental Retardation
Act No. 495 (R613, H3451)
--Freedom of Information Act
Act No. 496 (R614, H2450)
--To define the terms and manner of playing the game of bingo
Act No. 497 (R615, H3230)
--Child not to be removed from custody of parent
Act No. 498 (R616, H3231)
--To further provide for notification requirements when an officer takes custody of a child
Act No. 499 (R617, H3749)
--Application to be licensed psychologists
Act No. 500 (R619, H3622)
--Limitations on lengths of vehicles
Act No. 501 (R621, S894)
--Relating to review of cancellation, suspension or revocation of drivers' licenses
Act No. 502 (R622, S846)
--Board of Registration for Landscape Architecture reauthorized
Act No. 503 (R623, S784)
--Vocational agriculture program--twelve-month basis
Act No. 504 (R625, S1090)
--Relating to the governing body of the Orangeburg Regional Hospital
Act No. 505 (R626, H3232)
--Law enforcement officers to receive compensation
Act No. 506 (R627, H3512)
--Relating to the tax on gasoline and other motor fuels
Act No. 507 (R628, H3885)
--To redefine "base student cost"
Act No. 508 (R629, H3291)
--Relating to exemptions from the sales and use tax
Act No. 509 (R630, H3412)
--Workmen's compensation fund-director and other personnel
Act No. 510 (R633, S944)
--Voting precincts in Aiken County
Act No. 511 (R634, S828)
--Resisting arrest with the use of a deadly weapon
Act No. 512 (R635, H3728)
--Autopsies--incarcerated persons
Act No. 513 (R636, H3942)
--Convicts given credit for good behavior
Act No. 514 (R639, H2514)
--Persons under the age of twenty-one required to wear helmets
Act No. 515 (R640, H2725)
--To fix or change the compensation or other benefits for members
Act No. 516 (R641, H2698)
--Relating to destitute, delinquent and neglected children
Act No. 517 (R385, H3241)
--Appropriations for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1980
Act No. 518 (R637, H3843)
--Relating to the issuance of state capital improvement bonds
Act No. 519 (R642, H4007)
--To make supplemental appropriations for the ordinary expenses of state government for fiscal year 1979-1980
Act No. 520 (R556, S77)
--Amendment to the Constitution of South Carolina, 1895, relating to the election of the governor
Act No. 521 (R533, S1068)
--Relating to certain property which is exempt from attachment, levy and sale
Act No. 522 (R537, S1036)
--Relating to the fees schedule for the Columbia State Farmers' Market
Act No. 523 (R578, S1061)
--Relating to procedures and requirements for salon training
Act No. 524 (R313, S630)
--Relating to fees for licensure and re-registration for dentists, dental hygienists and dental technicians
Act No. 525 (R530, S1060)
--Relating to guidelines for state funded gifted/talented programs
Act No. 526 (R532, S1059)
--Relating to implementation of Section 5(3) of the South Carolina Education Finance Act of 1977
Act No. 527 (R539, S1077)
--Relating to the statewide testing program
Act No. 528 (R555, S1117)
--Relating to student loans
Act No. 529 (R567, H3955)
--Relating to certification requirements in elementary education
Act No. 530 (R599, H3937)
--Relating to the defined minimum program
Act No. 531 (R553, S1118)
--Relating to pricing and allocation of forest tree seedlings
Act No. 532 (R385, H3583)
--Relating to hazardous waste
Act No. 533 (R392, S864)
--Relating to certification of need for health facilities and services
Act No. 534 (R393, S866)
--Relating to proper close out of wastewater treatment facilities
Act No. 535 (R394, S867)
--Relating to x-rays
Act No. 536 (R395, S865)
--Relating to state environmental laboratory certification
Act No. 537 (R399, S869)
--Relating to stream classifications
Act No. 538 (R401, S868)
--Approval for regulations of the Department of Health and Environmental Control relating to vaccination, screening and immunization for students
Act No. 539 (R409, S943)
--Relating to air pollution
Act No. 540 (R480, H3751)
--Relating to implementation of the Individual Accident and Health Insurance Minimum Standards Act
Act No. 541 (R391, S976)
--Relating to hunting wild turkeys for the 1980 season
Act No. 542 (R443, S1032)
--Relating to harvesting blueback herring and gizzard shad from Lake Moultrie, Lake Marion, the Tailrace Canal and the Diversion Canal
Act No. 543 (R521, H3800)
--Relating to the state endangered species list
Act No. 544 (R522, H3801)
--Relating to scientific collecting permits
Act No. 545 (R552, S1110)
--Relating to protection and management of the Victoria Bluff area in Beaufort County
Act No. 546 (R580, S1109)
--Relating to boat registration
Act No. 547 (R605, H4022)
--Relating to game management areas
Act No. 548 (R606, H4023)
--Relating to the Parr hydroelectric fish and game management area
Act No. 549 (R607, H4024)
--Relating to hunting in the Francis Marion game management area
Act No. 550 (R618, H3790)
--To reauthorize the existence of the Board of Architectural Examiners
Act No. 551 (R407, S745)
--Board of Barber Examiners reauthorized
Act No. 552 (R408, S744)
--Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners reauthorized
Act No. 553 (R429, S1016)
--Time extended for filing extensions
Act No. 554 (R473, S1078)
--Deadline for making written application extended
Act No. 555 (R426, H3634)
--Absences of certain employees forgiven
Act No. 556 (R632, H3874)
--Compensatory time because of inclement weather
Act No. 557 (R405, H3633)
--Make-up days waived
Act No. 558 (R396, S938)
--Shad season on Edisto River extended
Act No. 559 (R455, H3707)
--Shad season extended
Act No. 560 (R472, S1098)
--To extend the shad season in the Pee Dee River in Game Zone 5
Act No. 561 (R511, H3925)
--To extend the shad season in Game Zone 8
Act No. 562 (R638, S470)
--Standardization of grading grains and oilseeds
Act No. 563 (R587, H3261)
--Commission to certify student enrollment
Act No. 564 (R335, H3166)
--To repeal Act 664 of 1978 relating to a personnel and compensation committee
Act No. 565 (R624, S1063)
--Subcommittee concerning oysters and clams
Act No. 566 (R449, H3083)
--Chairman emeritus for Forestry Commission
Act No. 567 (R324, S735)
--To restore the charter of Abacus Corporation
Act No. 568 (R334, H3100)
--To restore the charter of Channel Development Corporation
Act No. 569 (R644, H4028)
--To restore the charter of Refuse and Container Corp.
Act No. 570 (R318, H3311)
--Relating to the closing of a road in Abbeville County
Act No. 571 (R550, H3869)
--To levy a maximum of 96.4 mills for the operation of the School District of Aiken County
Act No. 572 (R421, H3510)
--"Thomas S. and Clara G. McMillan Memorial Highway"
Act No. 573 (R423, H3675)
--Relating to the sinking fund commissions
Act No. 574 (R510, S907)
--Magistrates in Bamberg County
Act No. 575 (R448, H3808)
--Road closed and removed from system
Act No. 576 (R337, S670)
--Issuance of bonds
Act No. 577 (R503, H3683)
--Composition of commission
Act No. 578 (R517, S967)
--Payment of principal and interest of bonds for Beaufort County
Act No. 579 (R400, S966)
--Magistrate added in Berkeley County
Act No. 580 (R572, H3997)
--Center deemed public school
Act No. 581 (R573, H3998)
--Tax levy for Berkeley County School District
Act No. 582 (R645, H3907)
--To provide for the levy of taxes for fiscal year 1980-81 for school purposes in Calhoun County
Act No. 583 (R345, S870)
--Bridge closed for Cooper River Bridge Run
Act No. 584 (R357, H3497)
--Road removed from highway system
Act No. 585 (R365, H3498)
--Trustees of St. Paul's Constituent School District No. 23
Act No. 586 (R571, H3993)
--Levy for Technical Education Center
Act No. 587 (R568, H3990)
--Levy for Cooper River Parks and Playgrounds Commission
Act No. 588 (R569, H3991)
--Relating to a tax levy for the Charleston County Board of Assessment Control
Act No. 589 (R570, H3992)
--Levy for sewer district
Act No. 590 (R384, H3571)
--Road removed from state highway system in Cherokee County
Act No. 591 (R311, H3161)
--Chester County magisterial districts
Act No. 592 (R549, H3486)
--Fort Lawn Fire District created
Act No. 593 (R356, H3448)
--To authorize the trustees of the Chesterfield County School District to charge matriculation and other incidental fees
Act No. 594 (R382, H3596)
--Chesterfield County to issue general obligation bonds
Act No. 595 (R362, S871)
--Board of trustees
Act No. 596 (R415, S1005)
--To provide that state road 14-493 in Clarendon County shall be transferred to the Clarendon County road system
Act No. 597 (R424, H2176)
--To create the Old Jacksonborough Historic District in Colleton County
Act No. 598 (R459, S897)
--To close and remove from the state highway system a portion of road S15-189 in Colleton County
Act No. 599 (R465, S1039)
--To extend the committal dates for construction contracts for expansion of the Colleton Area Vocational School
Act No. 600 (R427, S1021)
--Relating to the Dillon County Development Board
Act No. 601 (R560, H3763)
--Advisory referendum
Act No. 602 (R631, H3771)
--Dorchester County may withdraw water from Edisto River
Act No. 603 (R565, H3921)
--Ministerial Magistrate for Edgefield County
Act No. 604 (R323, H3351)
--Committee to be appointed concerning magistrates
Act No. 605 (R602, H4013)
--To repeal Act 783 of 1950 relating to the requirement of issuing building permits for the erection, construction, improvement and alteration of buildings in Georgetown County
Act No. 606 (R366, H3555)
--To close and remove from the state highway system a portion of Road 56 at Caesar's Head in Greenville County
Act No. 607 (R586, S1121)
--Magistrates in Greenville County
Act No. 608 (R485, H3873)
--Funds made available under the Employment Security Administrative Financing Act of 1954
Act No. 609 (R320, S762)
--Horry County Council-election districts-conduct of election
Act No. 610 (R519, S1079)
--Appointment of magistrates for Horry County
Act No. 611 (R348, S850)
--Regarding the authority of the School District of Horry County to issue bonds
Act No. 612 (R600, H3999)
--Compensation of board members
Act No. 613 (R461, S999)
--Residency requirements of magistrates in Lancaster County
Act No. 614 (R518, S1112)
--Commission authorized to purchase and sell property
Act No. 615 (R381, S911)
--To close and remove from the state highway system a portion of Road S-30-324 in the Town of Mountville in Laurens County
Act No. 616 (R598, H3923)
--Board to elect officers-salaries, etc.
Act No. 617 (R410, S855)
--Relating to the Lexington County Rural Recreational District
Act No. 618 (R601, H4012)
--Relating to the changing of ward and precinct lines in areas annexed to municipalities
Act No. 619 (R332, H3368)
--General obligation bonds authorized
Act No. 620 (R327, H3361)
--Mullins School District No. 2-borrowing authorized
Act No. 621 (R597, H3667)
--To increase the tax millage of Marion School District 4 by twenty-five mills if the election provided for results favorably
Act No. 622 (R456, H3668)
--Relating to the annual budget for School District 4 in McCormick County
Act No. 623 (R343, H3427)
--Relating to the compensation of the trustees of the Oconee County School District
Act No. 624 (R620, H4037)
--Orangeburg County to issue general obligation bonds
Act No. 625 (R325, S749)
--Relating to civil service commission in the City of Easley in Pickens County
Act No. 626 (R326, H3347)
--To add the Friarsgate and Harbison voting precincts to the Dutch Fork Magisterial District in Richland County
Act No. 627 (R577, H3983)
--To transfer from the State of South Carolina to the City of Columbia any interest the state may have in a portion of the western side of the 800 block of Harden Street
Act No. 628 (R508, H3902)
--Department of Highways and Public Transportation to close road during certain hours
Act No. 629 (R546, H3207)
--Matriculation fees
Act No. 630 (R452, S675)
--Governing body shall appoint register of mesne conveyances in Sumter County
Act No. 631 (R438, H3789)
--Relating to the election of the Union County Board or Trustees
Act No. 632 (R350, S839)
--Williamsburg County School District abolished--board of trustees established
Act No. 633 (R583, H3982)
--To provide for the levy and distribution of school taxes in York County
Act No. 634 (R647, H3601)
--Relating to procedures of conditional release for youthful offenders
Act No. 635 (R652, H4081)
--Voting precincts in York County
Act No. 636 (R643, H4011)
--Commission may borrow money, issue bonds, etc.
Act No. 637 (R648, S1150)
--To provide the time for taking office for the members of the Aiken County Board of Education
Act No. 638 (R649, S1139)
--To redefine the magisterial districts in Fairfield County
Act No. 639 (R650, S1148)
--To authorize the Board of Education of Dillon County to borrow money
Act No. 640 (R651, S1149)
--To authorize the Trustees of Dillon County School District No. 2 to borrow money
Act No. 641 (R653, H4099)
--Board of trustees to submit proposed budget to county board
Act No. 642 (R654, H4032)
--Millage for school purposes levied in Marion County
Act No. 643 (R656, H4010)
--Composition of boards of trustees of school districts in Sumter County

Legislative Services Agency
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