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H*4932 Resolution, By D.A. Wright, Alexander, M.O. Alexander, R.L. Altman, Anderson, Bailey, J.J. Bailey, B.O. Baker, R.A. Barber, J.M. Baxley, D.M. Beasley, D.W. Beatty, L.E. Bennett, Boan, G.A. Brown, H. Brown, J. Brown, D.M. Bruce, K.T. Burch, A.W. Byrd, Canty, Carnell, Cato, C.D. Chamblee, H.H. Clyborne, Cobb-Hunter, Cooper, K.S. Corbett, R.S. Corning, B. Council, J.L.M. Cromer, Delleney, Elliott, L.L. Elliott, Fair, T.L. Farr, J.G. Felder, S.R. Foster, R.C. Fulmer, L.E. Gentry, Glover, S.E. Gonzales, H.M. Hallman, J.P. Harrelson, J.L. Harris, P.B. Harris, Harrison, Harvin, B.H. Harwell, Haskins, B.L. Hendricks, J.H. Hodges, D.N. Holt, W.S. Houck, T.E. Huff, M.A. Hyatt, Inabinett, M.F. Jaskwhich, Jennings, J.C. Johnson, Keegan, K.G. Kempe, Kennedy, H.H. Keyserling, M.H. Kinon, Kirsh, Koon, Lanford, Littlejohn, S.G. Manly, C.V. Marchbanks, Martin, D.E. Martin, L.M. Martin, J.G. Mattos, J.G. McAbee, McCraw, J.T. McElveen, A.C. McGinnis, McKay, M. McLeod, D.E. McTeer, Meacham, Neilson, E.L. Nettles, Phillips, Quinn, J. Rama, Rhoad, Riser, T.F. Rogers, L.W. Ross, I.K. Rudnick, Scott, Sharpe, Sheheen, J.R. Shirley, J.S. Shissias, R. Smith, J.J. Snow, E.C. Stoddard, C.H. Stone, C.L. Sturkie, L.S. Taylor, Townsend, J.W. Tucker, Vaughn, C.Y. Waites, D.C. Waldrop, C.C. Wells, L.S. Whipper, J.M. White, J.B. Wilder, Wilkes, Wilkins, D. Williams, J.B. Williams, S.S. Wofford, R.M. Young and Young-Brickell
    A House Resolution to recognize our distinguished colleague, the Honorable Jarvis Randolph Klapman, of Lexington County as he completes his twenty-fourth year of service in the South Carolina House of Representatives and to thank him for his dedication to public life and for his invaluable contribution to the important role this body plays in the legislative process.
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06/04/92House Introduced and adopted HJ-7

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